Cabinet Minister Gilad Erdan Visits Hebron

3.4.17, 14:41

Government official shows support for local community.

Texas Official Visits Hebron, Promotes Ties

2.4.17, 18:38

Sid Miller signed the first ever trade agreement between a US state and Judea / Samaria.

Judea & Samaria Represented at AIPAC

2.4.17, 17:36

"No we didn't steal anyone's land. This is our ancestral homeland and we have returned."

Passover Mega Concert Celebrating 50 Years

26.3.17, 15:45

This year's Passover concert coincides with the 50th anniversary of Hebron's liberation

Purim in Hebron 2017

14.3.17, 09:50

The annual Purim parade was enjoyed by young and old.

Hebron Palestinian Arabs Prefer Israeli Sovereignty

9.3.17, 12:42

Arabs criticize the PA and lays out a vision of successful Arab life under Israeli sovereignty.

"Open Shuhada Street" Stages Media Stunt in Hebron

26.2.17, 21:46

While protesters threw shoes at Donald Trump, their real goal is the removal of all Jews from the city.

Congratulations Raffle Winners!

16.2.17, 10:42

Thank you to all who helped support Hebron through generous contributions.

Hebron Comes to Tel Aviv for Tourism Expo

9.2.17, 20:10

"It's deep and it's connecting, we're showing Hebron is on the map," said Yishai Fleisher of the event.

Can Settlers and Arabs Find Peace in Hebron?

6.2.17, 14:23

Hebron spokesperson to host Arab residents at Sovereignty Conference.