Yom Hebron Brightens Streets with Festive Parade

15.8.23, 16:39

The French organization Israel Is Forever brought over 1,000 visitors to Hebron.

Memorial for Prof. Ben Zion Tavger, Physicist who Renewed Hebron

28.7.23, 13:41

40th memorial for scientist who left the Soviet Union and became instrumental in uncovering Hebron's lost past.

13th Hebron and Judea Research Conference

17.7.23, 13:06

Ancient archeology, Ottoman era rabbis, halachic debates and other fascinating research in Hebron's rich history

New Road Named in Memory of Hebron Pioneers

13.7.23, 14:19

Lev Yehuda - Levinger Road connects Jerusalem to Hebron, Kiryat Arba and Gush Etzion.

New Chief Rabbi Inaugurated in Hebron

19.6.23, 12:13

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Schwartz installed in special community-wide ceremony.

Tourism Minister Visits Hebron for Inauguration of Guest House

15.6.23, 16:55

Tourism Ministry wowed by improvements to Hebron and pledge to increase visits.

Passover in Hebron 2023

31.3.23, 14:26

Thousands enjoyed the Jewish holiday of freedom in the City of the Ancestors.

7th of Adar celebration at Cave of the Patriarchs

28.2.23, 13:42

Singing and dancing took place amid festive traditional music in the first revived 7th of Adar celebrations.

Annual gathering for 135th yahrzeit of Menucha Rochel Slonim

15.2.23, 16:27

Chabad Hassidim gathered to pay tribute to the woman who led Hebron’s community for decades.

Tu Bishvat in Hebron

5.2.23, 16:11

The New Year for the Trees has a rich history in Hebron.