Traditional Hebron Hospitality during Yom Kippur

20.9.18, 13:56

The inspiring story of how the Avraham Avinu synagogue got its name.

15,000 Visit Hebron for Special Slichot Service

18.9.18, 09:44

Masses connected to the founding fathers and mothers of Judaism during the Ten Days of Repentance.

New Video Reveals Truth About Hebron

16.9.18, 13:02

MyIsrael group exposes truth about Israeli Jewish settlers and Palestinians in Hebron.

Celebrate Sukkot in Hebron! Fun for the Whole Family!

16.9.18, 12:26

Get ready for the annual Sukkot festival.

Knesset Minister Gila Gamliel Pledges Support for Hebron

16.9.18, 12:05

"It's enough to see who's buried in the Cave to understand our unbreakable connection," Gamliel stated.

Yom Kippur in Hebron 2018

13.9.18, 12:31

Spend the holiest day of the Jewish year in the oldest Jewish community in the world.

Secular Pop Stars Visiting Hebron No Longer a Novelty

3.9.18, 12:04

People of all backgrounds drawn to Cave of Machpela for its historical significance.

Slichot in Hebron 2018 - Hall of Isaac will be Open

30.8.18, 12:37

Thousands expected for classes, musical prayer gathering and more.

"The Closest to Mother" - Hebron Women's Gathering

21.8.18, 15:09

Sarit Hadad, Yemima Mizrachi, to headline gathering.

"Francophone Zionist Mobilization" Celebrates Hebron

19.8.18, 18:18

Over 1,200 parade through Hebron for the annual Yom Hevron event.