Special Hebron Plus Tour - January 26th!

8.1.17, 12:42

Have you been to Hebron many times and think you've seen it all? Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum has designed a tour especially for repeat visitors.

Hebron Expresses Concern Soldier's Conviction will Encourage Terror

4.1.17, 22:34

The Jewish Community of Hebron speaks out about the Elor Azaria trial.

Hanukkah in Hebron Spreads Unity

29.12.16, 12:42

A joyful holiday with candle lighting ceremonies at the Tomb of Machpela.

Australian MP Visits Hebron with Knesset Member

25.12.16, 15:03

MP Tim Smith joins MK Sharren Haskel for tour of Hebron.

Hebron Fund Campaign Raises Over $400,000

25.12.16, 14:05

Thank you to all those who contributed.

Connect, Protect and Grow - Hebron Now

20.12.16, 11:19

Help the Hebron Fund in this special fundraising campaign.

30,000 Attend Shabbat Hebron - Parshat Chayei Sarah

4.12.16, 08:35

Giant tent hosted the largest Shabbat meal ever.

Teaching Hebron’s Real Jewish History to Young Israelis

2.12.16, 14:50

The Im Tirtzu movement works to strengthen and advance the values of Zionism in Israel.

Masses to Attend World’s Biggest Shabbat Meal in Hebron

23.11.16, 13:44

Shabbat Hebron celebrates Parshat Chayei Sarah & the Cave of Machpela.

New Archeology Discovered in Tel Hebron

18.11.16, 19:36

Just in time for Parshat Chayei Sarah, archaeologists uncover ancient mikvah, Jewish house in Hebron.