Join us for Shabbat Hebron for Parshat Chayei Sarah

31.10.19, 16:00

Read the Torah portion that described the Cave of Machpela at the actual site.

Thousands attend Succot festival in Hebron including host Ben Shapiro

20.10.19, 14:20

US commentator Ben Shapiro joined the celebration, praising the city in his broadcast.

Thousands expected at Hebron Succot Festival 2019!

10.10.19, 23:46

Lipa Schmeltzer to appear at music concert, Hall of Isaac to be open. Time to unite in the succah!

Hebron Slichot services break attendance records

8.10.19, 00:33

Pop singers, soldiers, rabbis join in song and prayer at the historic site.

Award-winning singer to perform at Hebron Women's Gathering

23.9.19, 17:55

Din Din Aviv, popular Israeli singer will join Yemima Mizrachi on stage at the Women's slichot event.

Top Five Most Important Videos about Hebron

11.9.19, 21:51

Discover the TRUTH about Hebron.

Netanyahu Supports Hebron in Historic Visit

4.9.19, 23:15

First ever official speech by a Prime Minister in Hebron attracts large crowd.

Will Israelis finally be allowed to build on Hebron property?

27.8.19, 14:11

Legal opinion agreeing Jewish residents can build in wholesale market now published.

Permission granted for Israelis to live in Beit HaMachpela

26.8.19, 22:39

Jewish residents may finally be able to return to the building purchased almost ten years ago.

Netanyahu to Attend 1929 Hebron Massacre Memorial

23.8.19, 12:02

President Reuven Rivlin will also speak at the 90th anniversary of the Hebron massacre.