Knesset Committee Visits Hebron to Improve Tourism

13.2.22, 14:32

An Israeli first: top committee visits City of Abraham to study handicapped access.

Hebron Fund Campaign 2021!

29.12.21, 11:42

The Hebron Fund has launched a campaign to support the Jewish community during this critical time.

In Memory: Rabbi Eliezer Waldman - Hebron Pioneer

20.12.21, 12:59

Biography of founding members of the renewed Jewish Community of Hebron.

President lights Hanukkah candles in Hebron

28.11.21, 10:35

Isaac Herzog invokes Patriarch Abraham and Jewish connection to ancient site.

Hebron Enjoys Shabbat Chayei Sarah Post-COVID

5.10.21, 17:52

The Shabbat of a lifetime returned following last year's series of corona lockdowns.

Hebron Succot festival returns!

19.9.21, 22:12

Popular musicians were eager to return to Hebron for the annual music concert.

Hebron Welcomes High Holidays after Last Year's Lockdown

3.9.21, 14:25

Slichot prayer services attracted people from all levels of observance seeking to connect to Jewish history.

Hebron Conference Details Rich History of City

22.8.21, 15:52

Tour of ancient waterways was highlight of 2021 Hebron Conference.

Hebron Liberation Day celebrated with festivities, conference

13.5.21, 10:31

Yom Hevron (Hebron Day) was back after last year's COVID-19 lockdown

"Open Iftar" united Muslims and Jews in Hebron

26.4.21, 14:08

COVID-19 health corporation and business investments are uniting residents is so-called "flashpoint" City of Abraham.