Entering the Covenant of Abraham in the Hometown of Abraham

13.2.18, 17:32

Hundreds every year hold a brit milah ceremony in Hebron.

Hundreds Visit Hebron for Menucha Rochel Yahrzeit

13.2.18, 17:16

130 years later and the grandmother of Hebron is still getting visitors.

1,000 Join Viznitzer Rebbe in Hebron for Wedding

28.1.18, 16:55

Hasidic groups regularly visit the city.

Hezekiyah Neighborhood to be Rebuilt in Hebron

26.1.18, 12:18

After nearly two decades, the Jewish Community of Hebron has finally obtained building permits.

Visit Holy, Historic, and Happening Hebron this Succot!

1.10.17, 18:32

Shloime Dachs, Benny Friedman, Gad Elbaz & more to perform!

Thousands at Women's Prayer Gathering in Hebron

1.10.17, 17:38

Thousands attended the annual women's prayer gathering and concert.

15,000 in Hebron for Slichot with Chief Rabbis

28.9.17, 09:24

The High Holidays are a special time in Hebron for locals, and guests from Israel and around the world.

Thousands Expected at Hebron High Holiday Events

25.9.17, 00:30

Join us for Slichot, Yom Kippur, and Succot!

U.S. Congress Members Visit Hebron

28.8.17, 13:44

Representatives from Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia and Washington tour the holy city of Hebron.

Jewish Life Returns to Beit HaMachpela

20.8.17, 20:47

Jewish families move into property near Tomb of Machpela, defying skeptics of land sale.