In Memorium: Rabbanit Miriam Levinger

29.9.20, 11:33

Pioneer of the revived Jewish Community of Hebron has passed at age 83.

Download your free Hebron artists calendar for the new year

16.9.20, 22:14

Give your friends the gift of a free digital Jewish calendar from Hebron.

"To the King, Hebron" artifacts discovered in Jerusalem

23.7.20, 16:08

Hebron was a thriving center that transported goods to Jerusalem during the First Temple Era.

Machpela Wheelchair Access Clears Latest Hurdle

15.7.20, 13:32

The historic pilgrimage site will finally get a wheelchair ramp and elevator, to benefit visitors of all faiths.

Newly analyzed pottery attests to Hebron's importance

15.7.20, 12:17

Hebron's Noam Arnon co-authors new report on four artifacts uncovered from inside Cave of Machpela.

Knesset Members tour Hebron amid Sovereignty Buzz

7.7.20, 12:21

Knesset Ministers visited in a show of support for the Jewish community.

Muslim endowment may take over site of historic Hebron Russian church

15.6.20, 21:35

The Russian church may loose out to a Muslim endowment who challenged the Palestinian Authority over land rights.

Tomb of the Patriarchs Re-Opened

3.6.20, 13:06

Authorities cautiously re-open historic sites as COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

Wheelchair access to Tomb of Patriarchs gets final approval

4.5.20, 16:04

Elevator will serve people of all faiths to access the historic Hebron holy site.

Hebron Passover Livestream Attracts Thousands

16.4.20, 16:04

Prayer requests being taken remotely to be recited at the Tomb of the Patriarchs.