Hebron Celebrates Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Hazikaron

9.5.19, 10:54

The Memorial Day service was attended by IDF commanders. The next day, fireworks lit up the sky over the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

Thousands attend Hebron Passover Music Festival - Watch

22.4.19, 15:10

Four mothers, three fathers and 60,000 guests who came to visit them on Passover!

Hebron Passover Music Festival - April 22, 2019

12.4.19, 13:25

Your favorite Jewish musicians will take the stage in this special holiday concert. Plus visit the Hall of Isaac and Rebecca.

Purim celebrated in Jewish Community of Hebron

24.3.19, 15:47

The tractor pulling coloring flags down King David Street once again made an appearance, as children and adults dressed in costumes sang and danced.

Hebron Jews and Arabs Create Ties at Business Conference

25.2.19, 08:40

The business forum was created by Arab-Muslim Hebron resident Ashraf Jabari and Israel-Jewish Ariel resident Avi Zimmerman.

US Congressmen, Ambassador Visit Hebron

21.2.19, 20:42

Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland and Rep. Andy Barr of Kentucky visited Hebron, as well as former ambassador Alan Keyes.

Holiday opening and closing schedule for Tomb of Machpela - 2019

6.2.19, 21:37

The Hall of Isaac including the entrance to the Garden of Eden is open for Jews 10 times a year.

Hundreds attend 131st memorial for Chabad Hebron matriarch Menucha Rochel Slonim

31.1.19, 12:52

She helped Jews and Arabs, giving blessing and advice for over 49 years in Hebron.

Hebron Vineyard Replanted after Antisemitic Vandalism

31.1.19, 12:18

Plants were cut and uprooted. But local resident Moshe Yahalom returned to re-cultivate his field.

Mandate for TIPH foreign observer force in Hebron officially ends

30.1.19, 21:25

Jewish community celebrates end of group that "created an atmosphere of conflict." Additional foreign NGO follows suit.