Thousands expected in Hebron for Shabbat Chayei Sarah 2022

30.10.22, 16:03

One of the world’s largest Shabbat dinners is being planned for the special occasion.

Hebron mourns father murdered in terrorist attack

30.10.22, 15:59

Hebron medic and security officer race to the scene to rescue those wounded by terrorist shooter.

Succot Festival 2022

6.10.22, 14:25

Popular musicians to perform at family-friendly holiday concert.

Central Slichot in Hebron 2022 with Chief Rabbis

23.9.22, 16:12

Hall of Isaac and Rebecca will be open for musical, inspirational service.

Hebron Holds First Ever Elections for Mayor

23.9.22, 14:31

Eyal Gelman has become the first Israeli elected mayor of Hebron.

In memory of Elyakim Haetzni

19.9.22, 09:54

Hebron community mourns the loss of pioneering lawyer and advocate.

Thousands Attend Women’s Gathering

5.9.22, 16:12

“Closest to Mother” slichot event features music and prayer.

Hebron Archaeology Discovered While Building Wheelchair Ramp

17.8.22, 14:07

2,000-year-old unused stone for Machpela complex discovered.

Nachal Haredi Rabbi Leads Hebron Massacre Memorial

17.8.22, 09:25

Rabbi who helped combine army with yeshiva leads prayers.

Rosh Hodesh Elul “Hillulat HaAvot” Event Returns

14.8.22, 12:55

Thousands excepted to pay tribute to Biblical ancestors.