Netanyahu Supports Hebron in Historic Visit

4.9.19, 23:15

First ever official speech by a Prime Minister in Hebron attracts large crowd.

Will Israelis finally be allowed to build on Hebron property?

27.8.19, 14:11

Legal opinion agreeing Jewish residents can build in wholesale market now published.

Permission granted for Israelis to live in Beit HaMachpela

26.8.19, 22:39

Jewish residents may finally be able to return to the building purchased almost ten years ago.

Netanyahu to Attend 1929 Hebron Massacre Memorial

23.8.19, 12:02

President Reuven Rivlin will also speak at the 90th anniversary of the Hebron massacre.

Video debunks myth of Israeli apartheid in Hebron

15.8.19, 19:57

An anti-Israel provocateur attempts to claim a Hebron street is segregated, while his own video clearly shows it isn't.

1,200 French Jews visit Hebron for annual parade

15.8.19, 18:38

Waving flags and singing songs, the participants voiced their support for the renewed Jewish community in the city of the founding fathers and mothers.

Hebron half-truths on J Street "alternative tour of Israel"

4.8.19, 15:32

Shuhada Street is tiny compared to the thriving metropolis of PA Hebron, but J-Street only showed their one biased perspective.

Frivolous Case against Hebron Jews thrown out by Supreme Court

22.7.19, 21:49

Beit Rachel and Beit Leah will not be forcibly evicted, despite a claim by Palestinian lawyers.

PA issued Ultimatum on Hebron Wheelchair Access

14.7.19, 17:13

Israel vows to create disabled access visitors of all faiths, with or without PA approval.

Former American governor praises Hebron during visit

12.6.19, 15:43

Former governor Scott Walker called for defensible borders and hailed Israel's openness to all faiths.