UNESCO Again Calls Hebron Part of "Occupied Palestine"

11.10.18, 09:21

Muslim countries orchestrate declarations that culturally appropriate Jewish history.

Shabbat Hebron - Festive, But with a Purpose

9.10.18, 22:15

Join us for the Shabbat of a lifetime November 2-3, 2018!

Inauguration of Tel Hevron Archaeological Garden

7.10.18, 11:24

Ancient mikvah, wine press and olive press now open to the public.

Israel Medic Revives Arab Woman in Hebron

7.10.18, 10:17

Latest incident of Arabs and Jews working together in a medical emergency.

Will Tomb of Machpela Finally be Wheelchair Accessible?

4.10.18, 15:01

Knesset schedules session to discuss disabled access at Cave of the Patriarchs.

Hakafot Shniot Celebration Draws Thousands in Hebron

4.10.18, 12:36

Simchat Torah continued at the Cave of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs.

40,000 Visit Hebron for Succot

27.9.18, 13:42

The Hebron Succot festival, musical hallel and Cave of Machpela attracted masses.

Hebron Music Festival Goes Mainstream

23.9.18, 13:11

Lipa Schmeltzer, Haim Israel, and Sinai Tor to perform for free.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked Visits Hebron

21.9.18, 13:55

Hall of Isaac will be open to the public on Succot.

Tribute to Outspoken Supporter of Hebron

20.9.18, 14:21

Ari Fuld led tours of Hebron many times creating videos which explain the significance of the city.