Israel Medic Revives Arab Woman in Hebron

Latest incident of Arabs and Jews working together in a medical emergency.

7.10.18, 10:17
(PHOTO: Muslim Waqf personnel and Israeli border police assist a collapsed woman at the Tomb of Machpela. Credit: Border Police spokesman.)
While praying at the Tomb of Machpela's Hall of Isaac, a young Arab woman lost consciousness and was revived by an Israeli Border Police medic. 
A Border Police spokesman said that immediately after the woman collapsed, a representative of the Islamic Waqf, which runs the Muslim side of the Machpela complex, asked the Border Police for assistance.
The medic gave the woman initial medical care, including opening the airway, checking vital signs and bringing her back to consciousness, reported Israel National News.
The Red Crescent, the Muslim version of the Red Cross, arrived on the scene to give the woman further medical assistance.
The Border Police spokesman released a statement saying that their presence at the Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs "has often saved lives, not just by prevention of terror, but also by providing professional initial medical treatment to anyone requiring it, regardless of religion, race and gender."
The Cave of Machpela is the ancient burial site of the Biblical founding fathers and mothers. It is divided into Jewish and Muslim entrances and is located in the Israeli controlled section of the city of Hebron. 
There have been many instances in the past where Israeli medical personnel have assisted residents of the Palestinian Authority in need. Also, the Red Crescent and Israeli Magen David Adom work in tandem for large scale prayer gatherings such as during the month of Ramadan. 
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