Celebrate Sukkot in Hebron! Fun for the Whole Family!

Get ready for the annual Sukkot festival.

16.9.18, 12:26
Spots are filling up fast on both our classic tours and VIP tours, which will be running over Sukkot. VIP Wednesday includes the annual mega concert with backstage passes and front-row seats; VIP Thursday features a chocolate making at Holy Cacao, a special tour, and a BBQ lunch with soldiers. We will have a magic/mentalist show on both days - holiday fun for ALL ages. For more info click here.
Wednesday September 26, 2018
Kids activities (arts and crafts, bouncy castle, etc.)
Front-row seats and back-stage passes to mega concert
Lunch and magic show
Casbah shuk tour
Isaac Hall tour (open only 10 days a year)
Concert performers this year will include: Lipa Schmeltzer, Haim Israel, Aharon Razel, Barry Weber, Sinai Tor, Elisha Birnbaum, Yoni Eliav, The Kinderlach.
Thursday September 27, 2018
Chocolate making with Holy Cacao
Mesmerizing magic show for kids and adults
Special tour and BBQ lunch with sodliers
Visit the Tomb of Machpela / Cave of the Patriarchs
For more information call 718-677-6886
Shabbat Chayei Sarah Weekend November 1 - 4, 2018

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