10,000 Visit Tomb of Machpela for "Hilulat Haavot"

Thousands of worshipers from all over the country visited the founding fathers and mothers for the first of the month of Elul.

12.8.18, 08:19
Over 10,000 people visited Hebron on August 10, 2018, for Rosh Hodesh Elul, the first of the month of Elul on the Hebrew calendar. The last month before Rosh Hashanna and the High Holiday is traditionally a time to visit the graves of loved ones. The final resting places of sages are included in this tradition, and the Forefathers and mothers of the Jewish people buried in Hebron are no exception.
Among the noted Torah sages that visited were the Sadigura Rebbe, the Sassov Rebbe, Rabbi Mordechai Gross, and other well-known educators.
As per the rotation agreement with the Msulim Waqf, the Hall of Isaac and Rebecca was open for Jewish prayer service. The hall is the largest in the Machpela complex and contains the memorial markers of Isaac and Rebecca as well as the actual entrance into the underground burial chambers, which consists of a small hole in the ground decorated with ornate carvings.
Many of the visitors took advantage of the free tours of the city which included Biblical site, the Beit Hadassah visitor's center and the Touching Eternity 4D movie.
The municipality of the Jewish Community of Hebron would like to thank its partners: the director of the Tomb of Machpela complex, the religious council of Kiryat Arba - Hebron, Chabad of Hebron, Chabad-Lubavitch of the Cave of the Patriarchs and others. We would also like to thank the security teams that ensured safety for all residents and visitors to the city, both Jews, Arabs and tourists: the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Police, the Judea Brigade headed by Col. Itamar Ben Haim, the Tomb of the Patriarchs security force under the leadership of Chief Superintendent Aviad Shefti headed by Lt. Col. Elad Tahori, the Hebron District of the Israel Police, headed by Commander Morris Chen, the commander of the Yehuda station, Superintendent Daniel Agam, and the Commander of the Tomb of the Patriarchs secuirty, Adir Shilo. To all the commanders, soldiers and policemen in the area from we thank you.
If you missed this special day, you can visit Hebron during the month of Tishrei. The Hall of Isaac and Rebecca (Olam Yitzchak)  will be opened again on Sunday, the 7th of Tishrei (before Yom Kippur) and during Sukkot - Tuesday and Wednesday. Details coming soon.
According to the writings of David Avisar, a resident of Hebron in the early 1900's, Hebron was a place of Elul pilgrimage for generations. He wrote:
"The month of Elul in Hebron brought with it hundreds of visitors from afar. The first to arrive, by foot, would be the young men from Tsor, Sidon and Damascus. When the visitors would reach the out-skirts of Hebron, the youngsters and community leaders, singing joyously, would go out to welcome them and accompany them to the community inn. The visit of the young men would bring great joy to the Hebron community. During the day the visitors would pray at the Cave of Machpela and other holy places in the city. At night they would dance and sing, and the entire community would come to the inn to participate in the festivities.” 

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