TIPH Caught Puncturing Tires in Jewish Neighborhood

Second incident to be reveled this week in which foreign observers attacked Jewish residents.

19.7.18, 20:47
(PHOTO: A TIPH member takes a photo of a Jewish resident of Hebron. Credit: Elimelech Karzen. Below: TIPH observers walk through Hebron. Credit: Elimelech Karzen.)
For the second time within a week, members of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron were revealed to have acted against Jewish residents of Hebron. New evidence has surfaced of TIPH members puncturing the tires of a vehicle belonging to a Jewish resident of Hebron.
The revelation comes a week after a TIPH member was removed from duty and sent back to his native Switzerland after being caught on video slapping a Jewish child in the face during a Breaking the Silence tour of a Jewish neighborhood.

Elad Pass and his wife Nili Dvora, residents of Beit Hadassah in Hebron found the tires of their car flat on three separate occasion within the same week. 

A police report of the incident states: “The video clearly shows a TIPH vehicle arriving at the site and three men from TIPH getting out. One, wearing a red and blue vest with the words TIPH on it, went to the vehicle, looking around him as he did so, and the two other men are seen standing by the car and watching the street.” [The suspect] can clearly be seen approaching the Citroen and standing next to the left back tire.” The report says the suspect bent down and did something to the tire before going back to the middle of the street to wait as an Israeli car passed by. After the car passed he “went back to the tire and after a few seconds, returned to the middle of the street and continued to walk with the other suspects toward Beit Hadassah.”
Member of Knesset Michael Oren, a former ambassador to the United States, posted a video decrying the slapping incident and calling for the international monitoring organization's charter not to be renewed.
יש לסלק את הארגון מא"י

לאחרונה תועדו שני מקרים בהם פעילים בארגון המשקיפים הבינלאומי בחברון פגעו בתושבים היהודים בעיר. זה פשוט לא מתקבל על הדעת ואפעל לסילוק הארגון מארץ ישראל!

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MK Yoav Kisch said that according to the Hebron Accords, TIPH observers are rotated every three months. He stated, "I spoke to the prime minister today and I do not see any political value in it. He noted that Turkey is one of the six countries that sends observers and voiced concern over the tension with the Turkish government. "We have the option not to sign next time." MK Kisch stated.
MK Shuli Mualem-Refaeli also questioned the need for foreign observers especially following the testimonies that the group is antagonistic to Jewish residents.
Noam Arnon, a spokesman for the Jewish community in Hebron said they have been ongoing problems with TIPH since their deployment as part of the Hebron Accords of 1997.
"The orientation of the TIPH is to oppose the reality that Jews live in Hebron," he told Makor Rishon news. "When they talk about the history of this place, they write that 67 Jews were killed here in 1929 without giving any reason why. We made several attempts to organize meetings, and in the distant past we came to their offices, but terrorists began to attack building with rocks and the IDF had to smuggle us out of there. It is an organization that by its definition, is hostile to Israel. One of the six countries that sends observers here is Turkey. So who do you think is sent here? Lovers of Israel?"
TIPH is comprised of citizens from Denmark, Norway, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. It was conceived in 1994 and deployed in 1997 in accordance with the Hebron Accords which divided the city. According to their official website, their tasks are: to promote by its presence a feeling of security to the Palestinians of Hebron; to help promote stability and an appropriate environment conducive to the enhancement of the well-being of the Palestinians of Hebron and their economic development; to observe the enhancement of peace and prosperity among Palestinians; to assist in the promotion and execution of projects initiated by the donor countries; to encourage economic development and growth in Hebron; to provide reports ; and to coordinate its activities with the Israeli and Palestinian authorities. 

However, even the Palestinian Authority residents whom TIPH has been sent to protect are not always fans. On March 26, 2002 two TIPH observers, Catherine Berruex of Switzerland and Turgut Cengiz Toytunç of Turkey were killed in an ambush shooting by a Palestinian Arab gunman near Halhul, a city adjacent to Hebron. Three members of TIPH were riding westward on the Trans-Judea highway when they came under fire from short range, although their car was clear marked with the letters TIPH.

Huseyin Ozaslan, also from Turkey, who was injured in the attack, related that he clearly saw the attacker, who was wearing the uniform of the PA's security forces and was carrying a Kalashnikov assault rifle. "We shouted that we are observers, members of TIPH," he said. "But he did not hear us and continued to shoot."

On February 8, 2006 following an attack on their headquarters by rioting Palestinian Authority residents, all TIPH observers were temporarily withdrawn from Hebron. TIPH members began to resume their duties in April 2006.
Another recent example of complaints Jewish residents have against TIPH is their fraternization with the Palestinian Authority. The mayor of the PA controlled section of Hebron, Taysir Abu Sneineh, was a guest of honor at TIPH functions on several occasions. 

דקה ו38 שניות על TIPH, הארגון שמיועד להשקיף על השלום. בפועל - ילדים מוכים, צמיגים מנוקבים והשלום נראה רחוק מתמיד. את TIPH צריך להעיף, יפה שעה אחת קודם. צפו ושתפו! תודה לMy Israel | ישראל שלי #להעיף_את_TIPH

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Abu Sneineh was convicted of the murder of the six yeshiva students at Beit Hadassah in 1980, but released in a prisoner exchange deal. He later rose through the ranks of the PA using his terrorist past as credentials.

Arnon says that TIPH's work with Breaking the Silence may get them in trouble but may not lead to their complete ouster from Hebron. "I think chances are slim, but we can act to ensure that the organization's definitions are changed and its orientation will be more fair and egalitarian toward Jewish residents," he said.
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