Hebron Arab Leader Speaks Out Against Palestinian Authority

Hebron businessman Ashraf Jabari expressed strong opinion on Israeli-Arab relations.

8.7.18, 18:15
PHOTO: Knesset Caucus "25 Years of Oslo, Time for Rethinking" meeting, July 3, 2018. Credit: Middle East Forum.
Prominent Hebron businessman Ashraf Jabari expressed a strong opinion on Arab-Israeli relations at a Knesset session last week. The Knesset’s Israel Victory Caucus hosted a session entitled "25 Years of Oslo, Time for Rethinking" which featured guest speakers including Jabari, Member of Knesset Dr. Avraham Neguisse,  MK Oded Forer and Daniel Pipes and Gregg Roman, both of the Middle East Forum. 
The Jerusalem Post quoted Jabari as stating "How has Oslo helped the Palestinians?" referring to the Oslo Accords that created the Palestinian Authority in 1993 and divided Judea and Samaria into Israeli controlled and PA controlled zones. "Twenty-five years ago, the Palestinians were in a terrific situation. Israelis and Palestinians worked together in Hebron. How many people have been killed since 1993? We haven’t achieved anything. There is no solution until we all live under the sovereignty of the State of Israel. We can live together without hatred. We have to stop enough violence and terror. We have to continue together, shoulder to shoulder, in order to succeed."
JNS News reported that Jabari added, "The only people that are against [Israeli sovereignty] are those that profit from the conflict. I am certain the Palestinians want real peace. It will be better for our children and our grandchildren. It is time to say enough. We are not afraid of any backlash. The most important thing is for us to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel.”
Jabari also stated that he recently spoke to U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who informed him that since the signing of the Oslo Accords, the P.A. had received more than $7 billion in U.S. foreign aid.
“Where did it go?” questions Jabari. “I ask [the P.A.] leaders: What have you done for the Palestinian people?"
Jabari has previously spoken at the 2017 Sovereignty Conference in which he also spoke out about the issue.

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