Entering the Covenant of Abraham in the Hometown of Abraham

Hundreds every year hold a brit milah ceremony in Hebron.

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A brit milah ceremony is always an exciting time for a family, and especially so when it takes place in Hebron. Abraham and Sarah, the  Patriarch and Matriarch of monotheism lived in the city and are buried in the Cave of Machpela. Today, the towering Herodian structure that sits atop of cave, serves as the perfect location to hold this special ceremony. 

Every year, hundreds of families usher their newborn baby boy into the covenant of Abraham at this holy location. The Tomb of Machpela synagogue has everything needed for the ceremony including the "Elijah chair," cushions, and staff ready to assist in all technical matters.

It is also possible to combine a special tour of Hebron for the family after the brit milah ceremony.
For more information contact the Jewish Community of Hebron visitors' center at 02-996-5333 or 050-647-7744.

See you at the celebration!
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