"Peace Now" Blasts Singer for Hebron Concert

Group demands musicians must choose between "peace" and "settlements."

19.5.17, 13:46
(PHOTO: Rami Kleinstein on stage at the Kiryat Arba Performing Arts Center in 2014.)
The Peace Now organization lambasted Israeli singer-songwriter Rami Kleinstein for his scheduled performance at the Hebron Day 50th anniversary concert. Kleinstein, along with Amir Benyaoun, will sing at the Tomb of Machpela for the mega event celebrating the jubilee of the liberation of the city, one day after Jerusalem Day - Yom Yerushalayim.
"Rami Kleinstein’s concert in celebration of the Israeli occupation of Hebron, the symbol of occupation and oppression, is a climax of moral corruption by an artist who has in the past performed concerts for peace," stated Avi Buskila, CEO of Peace Now.
He instead called upon artists to perform at the group's "Two States One Hope" protest in Tel Aviv at Yitzchak Rabin Square "against 50 years of occupation."
Representatives of the Jewish Community of Hebron responded to Peace Now’s denouncement of Kleinstein stating, "the people love the Land of Israel, are proud of their Jewish identity and are happy on the occasion of this jubilee year. There are independent artists who come to sing and inspire an audience regardless of political opinion.”
"We look forward to seeing thousands of people coming to the show for a great experience of joy and Israeli culture, and we will be happy to host Peace Now members here as well. We'll reserve front row seats for them. It is precisely at times like this that we need to unite and say 'enough of the boycotts.'"
Kleinstein is a multi-platinum selling artist who won a Singer of the Year award and was a judge on Israeli TV's The Voice. He has not made any comment regarding Thursday's concert. In 2014, he performed at the cultural arts center in Kiryat Arba, the sister community of Hebron.
That year he stated in an interview with Yedioth Achronoth news, "regardless of my political views and whether I think the settlements are justified or not, we live in a law-abiding country that determined that someone who lives beyond the Green Line is considered a citizen of the state. I respect that. They turn to me and ask me to come."
Also performing will be Amir Benyaoun, an AKUM award winning composer with a dozen albums. He previously performed in Hebron in 2013. 
The Hebron Day event will be Thursday May 25th and feature government ministers, Members of Knesset, and veterans of the Six Day War of 1967. 
Join Government ministers, Members of Knesset, Rabbis, public figures, Israeli heroes, and many thousands of visitors in the holy city of Hebron in celebration of Hebron Day and the 50th anniversary of its liberation in the Six Day War of 1967. 

10:30 AM - Panel discussion with veterans who returned after 1967. 

6:30 PM - exclusive cocktail reception with VIPs. (RSVP with the Hebron Fund office.)

8:00 PM - Main event and concert featuring popular Israeli performers Amir Benyaoun and Rami Kleinstein.  Benayoun is an AKUM award winning composer with a dozen albums and previously performed in Hebron in 2013. Kleinstein is a multi-platinum selling artist who won a Singer of the Year award and was a judge on Israeli TV's The Voice.

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