Grandson's Brit Milah Held at Grandfather's Murder Scene

Two years after the attack, a family returns to show solidarity.

19.5.17, 10:22
In an act of difiance, a family returned to teh scene of a grandfather's murder to celebrate life. 
A brit milah celebration for the birth of a new baby took place on Route 60, near Hebron yesterday at the spot where the child's grandfather Avraham Hasno was murdered by terrorists. The 54-year-old resident of Kiryat Arba was killed in 2015.
"We continue to sanctify life," Hasno's daughter told news reporters at the celebration, adding that the baby's birth brings closure to the outrage. "My father lost his life here only because he was a Jew," she stated, explaining he was targeted by the truck driver during an anti-Israel riot.
Among those who bestowed the blessing of the Kohanim was commander of the IDF Judea Brigade, Col. Itzik Cohen. The baby was born on the same birthdate of the murdered grandfather.
In October of 2015, during a month of stabbing attacks and acts of terrorism, Avraham Hasno was returning home from Otniel where he worked at a local high school. Terrorists blocked the highway with burning tires and pelted his car with rocks, causing him to stop on the side of the road and exit his vehicle. He was then targeted and hit by a truck and fatally wounded.

Residents of Kiryat Arba described Hasno as a God-fearing social activist who was loved by all. "With a perpetual smile and zest for life he led Torah classes throughout the year and especially during the summer and holidays, all free of charge and on a voluntary basis," they recalled.

Avraham Hasno was buried in Kiryat Arba. He is survived by his wife Ruth, seven children and nine grandchildren. 
The annual Hebron Run and half-marathon was held this year in February in memory of Avraham Hasno.
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