Hebron Celebrates Israeli Independence Day

Hebron remembers the fallen, celebrates the miracle, on Memorial Day & Independence Day.

4.5.17, 11:18
Yom Haatzamut - Israeli Independence Day was celebrated in Hebron with fireworks and festivities.
The day before was Yom Hazikaron - Israeli Memorial Day, which was marked by a solemn ceremony for local soldiers and those stationed in the area who gave their lives for the freedom of Israeli citizens. Also mourned were those who lost their lives to terrorism. Commanders of the IDF Judea Brigade as well as bereaved families took part.
On Independence Day festive musical prayer services were held at the Tomb of Machpela.
Fireworks and music took place in the evening.
The city is now preparing for the 50th Hebron Liberatuon Day festivities on May 25th.
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