Passover Mega Concert Celebrating 50 Years

This year's Passover concert coincides with the 50th anniversary of Hebron's liberation

26.3.17, 15:45
The annual Passover music festival usually brings about 30,000 people to Hebron each year. Last year's festival kicked off the jubilee season early and this year's festival is sure to be an even more meaningful event as we mark the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Hebron during the Six Day War.
The Isaac & Rebecca Hall will be open for two days during the Passover week. This hall is the largest in the Tomb of Machpela complex and houses the memorial markers of the graves of the Biblical Patriarch Isaac and his wife the Matriarch Rebecca which is only open 10 days out of the year for Jewish access. 
The mega concert will feature local and international musicians and family friendly activities. This year's performers will include Haim Israel, Ishay Ribo, Mendi Jerufi, Bini Landau, Akiva Turgeman, Shlomo Broner & Orchestra, Yeshai Ben Zvi, and Akiva Margaliot. Children's activities will include a "bouncy castle" and arts and crafts. The Beit Hadassah heritage center will be open with access to the 4D film Touching Eternity.
Past performers have included Mordechai Ben David, Lipa Schmeltzer, Haim Israel, Udi Davidi, Bini Landau, Sinai Tor, Aaron Razel and more.
The event will take place Thursday April 13, 2017.

For information on transportation and more: 
United States contact info:
1760 Ocean Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11230

In Israel contact the offices of the Jewish Community of Hebron at:
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