Hebron Comes to Tel Aviv for Tourism Expo

"It's deep and it's connecting, we're showing Hebron is on the map," said Yishai Fleisher of the event.

9.2.17, 20:10
(Photo: Tourism Minister Yariv Levin stops by the Hebron booth at the IMTM expo.)
Hebron came to Tel Aviv Convention Center this week as the 23rd International Mediterranean Tourism Market hosted booths from various Israeli cities and countries.
The booth for Hebron focused on the new 4D movie Touching Eternity, which depicts a typical Israeli family who are transported through time to visit Hebron landmarks and connect to their heritage. The booth was manned by international spokesman Yishai Fleisher and Hebron Fund director Dan Rosenstein.
Juxtaposed near the Israeli Airport Authority, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and booth for beaches in Eilat and the Dead Sea, people were pleased to find the City of the Forefathers and Mothers represented. Many came up to the booth to state they had been to Hebron before and would love to return. One tour guide stated he specialized in tourists from China and was eager to arrange group visits. 
Across the other side of the convention hall were booths for other countries such as Rwanda and Russia, next to each other alphabetically, as well as Cyprus, Japan, India and others, all intermingled to promote their respective nations. 
Tourism Minister Yariv Levin stopped by the Hebron booth for a photo as people stopped by for chocolate coins decorated with Hebron wrappers while a promotion film depicting the Tomb of Machpela and excepts from Touching Eternity played n the background.
Yishai Fleisher stated that the event was successful. "We're speaking with people about bringing groups here and letting them know what Hebron is on the map," he stated. "It's deep and it's connecting. In Hebrew we say 'pashut le'Hithaber,' which means 'simply to connect.' And the name Hebron comes from the word le'Hithaber," he explained.

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