Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked Visits Hebron

"We have full right to this land," Shaked stated.

10.1.17, 15:57
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked visited Hebron on Tuesday. She toured the Tomb of Machpela, burial site of the Biblical Matriarchs and Patriarchs as well as the ancient mikvot and other archaeological excavations in Tel Hevron / Tel Rumeida.
She also viewed the 4D film Touching Eternity at the Hebron heritage museum and visitor's center at Beit Hadassah.
Joining her tour were local Hebron community leaders such as spokesperson Noam Arnon, former Member of Knesset Orit Strouk, Rabbi Hillel Horowitz, Elimelech Karzen, and others.

After visiting the monumental Herodian structure atop the Cave of the Patriarchs, Shaked stated,
"I'm here today at the Tomb of Machpela where our forefathers lived and were buried. This is a period in which all kinds of legal claims are being discussed, but Abraham bought this place a valid legal document, probably the first of its kind in the world. So we have both a legal and historic right to this place. It must be said here clearly to the whole world and especially to the United Nations, that they should hear and know the facts. We have full right to this land and we will continue to build and strengthen Judea and Samaria "
Shaked's visit highlighted the legal struggle to redeem properties lost during the 1929 massacre. Minister Shaked lamented that young couples who grew up in Hebron had difficulty finding adequate housing, She visited uninhabited housing such as the Beit Rachel & Beit Leah buildings which were evicted last year and the old wholesale marketplace which was evicted in 2007. In the later case, although the land was legally purchased by the Jewish community in the 1800s, the Jordanians added structures when they occupied the city from 1948 -1967, complicating real estate transactions.
The Justice Minister stated, "I am here at a time when the world chooses to condemn Israel for building. I have chosen to come and strengthen the Jewish community in Hebron. It is unthinkable that construction in Hevron has been stuck for so many years."

Yishai Fleisher, International Spokesman of the Jewish Community was part of the tour. He added, "Post-Zionist and global anti-Israel organizations have donned the veneer of human rights, and with that cover have put Hebron in their cross-hairs. They have set up set up shop here and attack us with constant lies, delegitimization, and incitement to terror. Incredibly, they are actually utilizing Israel's own justice system to undermine Jewish rights. But we are confident that the Justice Minister, who has proven abilities to get things done, will push back on these organizations, and will work to insure Jewish rights and freedoms in this ancient Jewish city."

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