Hebron Fund Campaign Raises Over $400,000

Thank you to all those who contributed.

25.12.16, 14:05
The Hebron Fund campaign held on December 21, 2016 successfully raised $463,660. The 24-hour campaign raised money for various community needs such as an Emergency Services Vehicle for the benefit of tourists, visitors and residents of the city. Complete with ambulance-grade medical equipment, bullet-proofing and fire fighting capabilities, the ESV will have the ability to pass through non-secure areas and expedite the saving of lives.
The funds will also be used for parks and playgrounds for children, visiting groups and soldiers.
International spokesperson for the Jewish Community of Hebron Yishai Fleisher spoke about the campaign on the JM in the AM radio show with Nahum Segal. "We are all beneficiaries of the people that live in Hebron because they keep it open for the rest of us," he stated.
"It's the 5th most visited destination in Israel with over 700,000 people visiting every year. The only thing that ensures this is a Jewish community that stays put and stays strong and can defend itself. In a sense that money comes right back because we all want Jewish history to be defended and we want access to our mothers and fathers."
To listen to the full show click here.
Also speaking on the program was director of tourism Simcha Hochbaum, head of security Yoni Bleichbard and director of the Hebron Fund Dan Rosenstein.
In an interview with Israel National News, Dan Rosenstein stated, "our matching campaign is called Connect, Protect, and Grow because through giving to Hebron you can connect with Jewish history, protect this brave community from attack, and help grow Hebron into the beautiful place that it deserves to be."
The matching donors for the campaign included the Rothner Family, Teddy Pollak, Jack Deutsch, Laurie Moskowitz Hirsch, David Lubin, Dr. Frank Rubin, Dr. David Schwalb, Jerry Wolasky, Dr. Yigal Yahav and generous contributors. 
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The Hebron Fund, a New York based not-for-profit charitable organization was founded in 1979. While the fund is a separate entity, it was created as an affiliate organization of the Jewish community in Hebron and, subsequently, operates in concert with the community there to assess their needs and respond in kind.

The Hebron Fund aids the Jewish Community of Hebron in five crucial areas:
Humanitarian Aid to needy Hebron families
Cave of the Patriarchs & Hebron’s holy sites
Educational Programs for children and youth
Tourism and informative public relations
Supporting the wellbeing of Hebron's soldiers

The Hebron Fund is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Tax ID #11-2623719.
To learn more about The Hebron Fund please visit
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