Join Us for Yom Kippur in Hebron

Spend the holiest day of the Jewish year in the oldest Jewish community in the world.

9.10.16, 14:31
Yom Kippur services will be held this year the evening of Tuesday Oct. 11, 2016. 
There is no place more appropriate and exciting than being in the Tomb of Machpela complex on Yom Kippur. Services will be held at the ancient resting place of the Biblical forefathers and mothers of the Abrahamic faith.
To register for special overnight accommodations please contact us. This will include a place for sleeping, and meals for before and after the fast.
Call 072-259-2293 or visit
To arrange a guided tour of Hebron contact us:
United States contact info:
1760 Ocean Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11230

In Israel contact the offices of the Jewish Community of Hebron at:

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