Friday Shooting Attack and Stabbing Attempt Shock Hebron

The day after 13-year-old girl was murdered in her bedroom, a shooting and stabbing attack.

1.7.16, 12:04
(Photo: IDF soldiers in Hebron after latest terrorist fail. Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit.)
On Friday, July 1, 2016, one civilian was killed and three more were wounded after a gunman opened fire on their vehicle on Route 60 in the Hebron Hills area.
Earlier in the day, a female attacker from Bani Naim attempted to stab an Israel Border Police officer near the entrance to the Tomb of Machpela in Hebron.

The Jerusalem Post reported that that the attacker approached officers stationed at the holy site and suddenly pulled out a knife, attempting to stab at least one guard.

Border police officers responded quickly, shooting the attacker who later died of her wounds.
The day before, 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel was stabbed to death in her bedroom in nearby Kiryat Arba. The perpetrator was from the neighboring community of Bani Naim, which has been under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority since the 1990s.

Also on Thursday, two pedestrians were stabbed by a PA resident in Netanya.
A week ago in Hebron, the large mezuzah on the eastern entrance to the Tomb of Machpela was ripped off and a storage area was vandalized. The incident occurred when the Tomb complex was closed on Friday for private Muslim prayers for the month of Ramadan.
The Jewish Community of Hebron asserts that the existence of a strong military presence in Hebron and a normalized permanent civilian community allows for tracking of terrorists and prevention of greater infiltration into other areas of Israel. The community calls for increased zoning permits for city growth and greater deterrence against the jihadist attacks.

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