Deputy Knesset Speaker "Hebron belongs to the Jewish people."

Member of Knesset Nava Boker praises Jewish Community of Hebron during visit.

29.6.16, 15:19
(Photo: MK Nava Boker. Credit: Knesset)
Deputy Knesset Speaker and Member of Knesset Nava Boker visited Hebron last week and toured the historic landmarks such as the Tomb of Machpela.
She stated that the existence of the permanent Jewish residents of Hebron enable the rest of the country to freely come and visit.
"I will do all I can to strengthen the Jewish Community of Hebron," she stated, "We all know about the housing shortage in Israel. But in Hebron, the term 'housing shortage' takes on whole new meaning," she added.
"In the past 16 years, not a single new house has been built in Hebron and the purchase of an existing home is almost impossible," she commented referring to the strict zoning laws for residents of Judea and Samaria.
In cases like the recently purchased Beit Rachel and Beit Leah buildings, resident have been evicted.
"They should be entitled to build and have their children live in the same communities, like any other place in Israel," MK Boker stated. " I welcome the government's decision today to expand the budget for these areas," she added."
During her tour, MK Boker was hosted by CEO of the Jewish Community of Hebron Uri Karzen, spokesperson Noam Arnon and former MK Orit Strook. They visited such historic sites as the Tomb of Machpela, the Tel Hevron archeological park, and viewed the new state-of-the-art 4D documentary film "Touching Eternity" at the Beit Hadassah Museum of Hebron History.
Several weeks ago, MK Boker came out in support of the IDF soldier who shot and killed a terrorist in Hebron who had just stabbed his fellow soldier. MK Boker said in difficult situations, the government should be lenient. 
She also pledged to work to help fire fighters and other emergency rescue workers in Hebron and Kiryat Arba. MK Boker is the widow of firefighter Lior Boker who was killed 2010 in the Mount Carmel forest fire. She is the chair of the subcommittee for Fire and Rescue Services.
The week after her visit, Member of Knesset Roy Folkman (Kulanu) visited the city for a tour, the latest elected official to do so.
The full text of MK Boker's Facebook message regarding the visit is below:

Today I visited the City of the Patriarchs in Hebron. It was exciting to meet the residents and soldiers guarding Israel. The Jewish Community of Hebron encounters many difficulties. Jews are not allowed to enter the majority of the Cave of Machpela except for 10 days a year. The last building that was established in Hebron was built 16 years ago and the purchase of existing homes are being held up due to unnecessary bureaucracy.
We must raise our voices and say: "Hebron belongs to the Jewish people."
I will do all I can to help the development of the Hebron Jewish community and facilitate families members who wish to move to the same neighborhood as their parents or children to be able to do so just like any other Jewish family in Israel.
I welcome the Israeli government decision to implement the promises of the past and transfer the 70 million NIS budget allocation for Judea and Samaria.
I thank former MK Orit Strook, CEO Uri Karzen, and spokesperson Noam Arnon for their wonderful hospitality and an exciting tour.
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