Teens on "Benaya Patrol" Help Hebron Soldiers

While IDF soldiers are on patrol against terrorists, local high school students are on patrol to deliver them hot drinks and snacks.

1.2.16, 00:47
Local high school students from Kiryat Arba and Hebron have formed what they called Sayeret Benaya, or "Benaya Patrol" named for 26-year-old Major Benaya Sarel, a native of Kiryat Arab who was killed in 2014 during Operation Protective Edge. While soldiers stationed in the Hebron and Kiriyat Arba area are on patrol against terrorists, the teenagers are on patrol delivering drinks and snacks to them. Members of the general public have joined the Benaya Patrol as well.
Each week hot tea, pizza, and snacks are delivered to army outposts. But most importantly, the Benaya Patrol delivers good vibes and a warm atmosphere. The soldiers are not only securing the immediate area, but the entire country, as many terrorists that have attacked large Israeli population centers have emanated from Hebron. The soldiers are also indirectly protecting residents of the PA who bear the brunt of the unwanted terrorist presence in their areas. 
The project builds a relationship between high school students who will soon be inducted into army service and active duty soldiers.
Other projects of the Beyaya Patrol include hosting cookouts and barbecues and other social events for soldiers stationed far from home. The students see themselves as emissaries of the Israeli public, and call upon the general population to support the troops. 
For more information on Sayeret Benaya, visit the Facebook page.
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