WATCH: Hundreds in Hebron at Memorial for Chabad Matriarch Menucha Rochel Slonim

The annual yahrtzeit of Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel Slonim took place on Wednesday.

1.2.16, 14:33
Hundreds attended the annual memorial for Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel Slonim,  on the 128th anniversary of her passing. Menucha Rochel was a matriarch of the Hebron community and daughter of the second Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Dovber Schneuri. Both Jews and non-Jews, Sephardic and Ashkenazic sought her advice and blessings. 
Services took place at the ancient synagogue of Hebron followed by evening prayers at the Tomb of Machpela and a festive gathering at the Gutnick Center.
Organizers stated they arranged the day to be a symbol of unity in trying times and call for a spirit of strength and hope.
Among those who spoke were Sarah Nachshon, a pioneer of the renewed Jewish community, Rabbi Ze'ev Dov Slonim, a descendant of Menucha Rochel, and many top Chabad officials from around the country including Rabbi Danny Cohen, who with his wife Batsheva, heads the local Chabad house. 
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