MK David Bitan Praises Jewish Community on Visit to Hebron

"The effort to repatriate the Jewish people to Hebron is a just and moral cause," MK Bitan stated.

15.1.16, 16:15
Member of Knesset, David Bitan (Likud) visited the H2 section of Hebron last week along with a delegation of Likud party activists. The delegation was accompanied by Director General of the Jewish Community of Hebron Uri Karzen, former MK Orit Struck, and community spokesperson Noam Arnon.
Thanks to his status as a Member of Knesset, the delegation was allowed to visit the Hall of Isaac in the Tomb of Machpela. This area is usually only open to Jewish people on ten days during the year, corresponding to Jewish holidays and special events. The tour of the Tomb of Machepla complex was led by long-time community spokesperson Noam Arnon. He is one of the few people in modern history to have actually entered inside the cave. He described to the group how as part of the team that investigated the site, he helped discover ancient artifacts dating back to the Israelite Period. The massive Tomb of Machpela building that sits atop the underground caves was build by King Herod the Great to house the burial site of the Biblical Patriarchs and Matriarchs. 
While standing from a vantage point that overlooks the modern city of Hebron, MK Bitan stated, "from this spectacular view, one can see the Arab community of the city enjoying a well-developed and thriving economy, he stated, referring to such city landmarks as the multi-story Bank of Palestine building, the Arab Palestinian Shopping Center, Hebron University, Palestine Polytechnic University, and Palestinian Red Crescent Hospital. "These 200,000 Arab residents of Hebron have close economic ties with Israel," he explained. MK Bitan added that one can "clearly see the narrative of Israeli 'occupation' is merely a false propaganda spread by hostile elements."

The group visited the Museum of the Jewish Community in Hebron which illustrates the 4,000 years of Jewish history in the city. Among the displays are photos of victims and survivors of the infamous riots of 1929. The mob murdered 67 Jewish residents and the community was subsequently expelled. Also on display are some of the actual knives and other implements used in the attacks. MK Bitan expressed shock in "the similarity between 1929 and the current 'knife intifada.'" He added that "the same tools were used to try to and achieve the same goals."
Director General of the Jewish Community of Hebron Uri Karzen gave the group a detailed update on the local Jewish community's various problems and successes. One issue of particular concern is the housing crisis which Karzen said is a result from a ban on the ability for Jewish residents to obtain building permits in the city. 
The group also visited the Beit Machpela building, situated close to the Tomb of Machpela. The house was legally purchased by Jewish residents but their occupancy of the residence is currently blocked due to bureaucratic hurdles. MK Bitan promised to investigate facilitating the Jewish community to exercise their property rights. 
Long-time Hebron resident and former Member of Knesset Orit Struck organized and coordinated the visit. She stated, "we were delighted to entertain our friend and supporter, as part of our tradition of hospitality. We hope more people will visit to understand the needs of the Hebron community. We also believe in the benefit of connecting the Jewish people to the city of the Forefathers and Foremothers."
MK Bitan added, "I was impressed by this city and by its inhabitants. The legacy of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs is for the entire Jewish people. The effort to repatriate the Jewish people to Hebron is a just and moral cause and in tandem with the values of the Likud party, and I will do my best to strengthen it."
MK Bitan is the latest in a series of elected officials and community leaders to have visited Hebron recently.

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