CRITICAL CONDITION: Hebron Gardner Stabbed

Ginadi Kaufman was nearly murdered - his crime? Beautifying Hebron.

7.12.15, 22:21
Today (Dec. 7th 2015), our good friend and Hebron gardener, Ginadi Kaufman, was critically injured when a terrorist stabbed him in the heart, lungs, and stomach. Ginadi is well known for his sweet manner and for his dedicated work to beautify Hebron and especially the Tomb of Machpela area. Now Ginadi is fighting for his life at Shaarei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem, and we, the Hebron family, are praying that we will soon see Ginadi's smiling and once again beautifying Hebron for all of us.

With regard to the incessant terror that is striking Israel in general and Hebron in particular: the real and full response to the terror is the liberation of Hebron. Today, Hebron is controlled by terror organizations which consistently disseminate Jihadist antisemitism calling for the death of Jews and the destruction of the State of Israel. In the long term, the government of Israel will not be able to allow this center of terror to continue to exist and will be forced to liberate it and instead empower Israeli sovereignty. This latest terror wave will not abate on its own - Israel must see it for what it is and must fight it in a fully and not with half-measures.

There is nothing more natural, more organic, and more just, then the Jewish people living on their homeland - especially in the city that represents the root of Jewish heritage - Hebron. The Jewish community of Hebron will continue to survive and thrive until that day when the State of Israel will realize the centrality of Hebron to the Jewish story and will take measures to expand and secure a Jewish Hebron.
His full Hebrew name is Ginadi Chaim Notah Ben Reiah Rachel.

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