Discover the Jewel of Hebron: Own a Piece of Chabad History on The Rebbe’s Land

Jewel of Hebron project

27.5.24, 18:09
Centuries ago, the Rebbe Rashab expressed a deep spiritual connection to Hebron. As he said: “I greatly desire the city chosen by our Holy Avos in the past, and my wish is that the city should grow and expand, B’ezras Hashem.” Today, Hebron is witnessing the realization of a centuries-old dream with the launch of a landmark development on property purchased by the Rebbeim.
The Chizkiyahu Quarter - Nachalat Chabad Development Project is a prestigious residential complex, blending historical reverence with modern luxury. Set in the vibrant heart of Hebron’s Jewish neighborhoods, just steps away from Me'eras Hamachpelah and a short distance from Beis Hadassah, the location is not only deeply historical and spiritually relevant, but also highly convenient.
In just one week, Uri Karzen and Yishai Fleisher, who are spearheading the project, will be making a special trip to New York and Miami to meet with potential buyers. This extraordinary opportunity will only be available for a few days. To reserve your appointment please visit:
The development features 31 spacious apartments designed to the highest luxury standards.
Each apartment comes with a reserved parking spot within two underground parking floors offering 62 spots in total. A vibrant public square featuring a playground, educational institutions, and office spaces will create a community atmosphere to suit the needs of its residents.
Owners will enjoy exquisite amenities such as designer entrance doors, porcelain granite floor tiles, cutting-edge VRF air conditioning, and Deco-heat heating systems for ultimate comfort. Additionally, each apartment is equipped with a reliable power supply with 3-phase electricity and standard features like solar water heaters, intercom systems with screens, and built-in Shabbat clocks. 
Thousands of years in the making, now made real. 
The project brings together a team of highly-experienced and passionate professionals. Architect Erol Packer, known for his work on landmarks like the Avraham Avinu Shul and Beit Hadassah, leads the design. Uri Karzen, CEO of the Jewish Community of Hebron NGO, is the driving force behind the project, bringing his vision and real estate entrepreneurship to the forefront. He is joined by Yishai Fleisher, councilman and International Spokesperson for the Jewish Community
 of Hebron, as well as Rabbi Danny Cohen, shliach to Hebron since 2002. In addition to running a Chabad House and serving in the IDF reserves, Cohen has been instrumental in reclaiming historic Chabad properties in this holy city.
Owning an apartment in Hebron, the City of the Avos, is a dream for many. This project not only offers exceptional economic value but also profound spiritual significance. With only 10 apartments remaining, the urgency to act is clear. Investors and private individuals alike are rapidly securing their spots in this unique development.
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Chabad history.
By securing a residence here, buyers are not only investing in property but also in the rich history and future of the Chabad community―a lineage dating back to the times of the Mitteler Rebbe and nearly as old as Chabad itself. 
“As a shliach of the Rebbe, this project means so much to me,” Rabbi Cohen shares. “Anyone who knows the history of Chabad in Eretz Yisroel, and especially the Rebbe’s struggle for shleimus ha’aretz, knows that Hebron was always at the forefront. Today, with so much of the world turned against us, it is not hard to see why. Hebron is the symbol of Jewish continuity in our Biblical homeland.” 
For those interested in securing one of these exclusive apartments or learning more about this extraordinary opportunity, please visit This is your chance to make Hebron part of your story and own a timeless piece of Chabad history.

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