Annual gathering for 135th yahrzeit of Menucha Rochel Slonim

Chabad Hassidim gathered to pay tribute to the woman who led Hebron’s community for decades.

15.2.23, 16:27
Descendants of the first Lubavitcher Rebbe and other Chabad Hassidic Jews visited Hebron yesterday for the annual memorial for Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel Slonim on the 135th anniversary of her passing.

Menucha Rochel was the daughter of the second Lubavitcher Rebbe, known as the Mitteler Rebbe and granddaughter of the first, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi.

She and her husband led the Jewish community of Hebron for over 40 years and helped revive the city and create thriving neighborhoods.

Family and other Chabadniks from throughout Israel travelled to the ancient cemetery in Hebron to recite kaddish and other prayers at her grave.

Afterwards, a farbrengen was held with dinner and speeches from members of the Slonim family and Chabad shluchim from Hebron and other cities.

Chabad of Hebron, headed by Rabbi Danny Cohen, Chabad of Kiryat Arba, the Association of Descendants of the Alter Rebbe and other groups organized the event.


Menucha Rochel was born on the 19th of Kislev in 1798, the same day her grandfather the Alter Rebbe was released from prison on false charges.

In 1845, with the blessing of her cousin Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, the third Lubavitcher Rebbe, known as the Tzemach Tzedek, she and her family emigrated to Hebron. On the day they were to depart for the Land of Israel, it was raining heavily. The Tzemach Tzedek advised her not to delay and to allay her fears, blessed her to "walk between the raindrops."

For forty-three years she served as the matriarch of the Hebron community. New brides and barren women would request blessings from her both from the Jewish and Arab communities. Menucha Rochel's descendants were important leaders in Hebron throughout the 1800s and 1900s until today. In contemporary times, Rabbi Zev Dov Slonim, one of her descendants, created the Chitas, a handy volume that combines the Chumash (Hebrew Bible), Tehillim (Psalms) and Tanya (main work of Chabad hasidic thought.)

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