Hebron mourns father murdered in terrorist attack

Hebron medic and security officer race to the scene to rescue those wounded by terrorist shooter.

30.10.22, 15:59
The Jewish community of Hebron mourns the loss of Ronen Hanania, age 50, who was murdered in a terrorist attack Saturday night while shopping at a grocery store on the outskirts of neighboring Kiryat Arba. Others wounded in the attack include Hanania’s son Daniel and Ofer Ohana (Ofer Ben Tova) a medic in Hebron for over 30 years who rushed to the scene to treat the wounded.

Eyal Gelman, head of the Hebron community council praised the quick actions of the security personnel and medics who rushed to the scene. He also called for increased deterrence to terrorism and deepening Israel’s historic connection to the city.

“We must strengthen deterrence by dealing a heavy blow to the enemy and expanding the security space as much as possible,” he stated.  “At the same time, we continue to redeem, continue to strengthen the community as much as possible in the hills, in the houses that have been redeemed and will be redeemed and expand construction throughout the entire community. These two responses are the main answer to the increasing terrorism and it is our duty to deepen our roots in Hebron and the entire Land of Israel.

We demanded the closing of the houses occupied by terrorists near the community, which generate friction and daily attacks against us. We also demand closing the roads that were opened in recent years. We praise the civilian security personnel and the Kiryat Arba security for their quick action which saved lives. I thanked the security forces for their dedicated work. We share in the family's grief and wish the injured a speedy recovery.“

Hanania was laid to rest in Jerusalem on Sunday.

Yair Lapid, Israel’s caretaker Prime Minister stated on Sunday, "I share in the grief of the family of the person murdered in tonight's attack. There are no words that can comfort you at this difficult time. I wish a speedy recovery to the injured. We will act with all the tools at our disposal and we will not allow terrorism to raise its head."

Yaakov Hagoel, chairman of the World Zionist Organization stated, “The hatred against Jews and the jubilation of the terrorist supporters following the cowardly murder last night, in Kiryat Arba - Hebron, reinforces our need to continue to stand united and firm against those who seek to harm us. We will not tolerate terrorism and we will not be silent about Jewish bloodshed in Israel or in any country in the world. Our strength is in our unity. I send my condolences to the family of the murdered, pray for the recovery the injured and send strength to the Jewish community and security forces in the region.”
Avi Issacharoff, creator of the Israeli TV series Fauda and a Middle East analyst and writer stated that he was "praying for the speedy recovery of Ofer Ohana, the medic who was injured last night in an attack near Kiryat Arba. Many years ago Ofer treated me as a medic during the incidents in Hebron. And many people, both Israelis and Palestinians, owe Ofer their lives."
Israeli President Isaac Herzog said, he was "shocked by the attack in Kiryat Arba at the end of Shabbat and mourns with the family and loved ones of the murdered victim. I pray for the speedy recovery of the injured and for the strengthening of the residents of Kiryat Arba in this difficult time." He also praised the IDF, police and local community security personnel "who neutralized this abominable terrorist with great resourcefulness."
The head of the Kiryat Arba community council Eliyahu Liebman said, "we suffered a very serious attack tonight. Five months ago, the Minister of Defense decided to open the Ashmurat checkpoint, which had been closed to Palestinian Authority vehicle traffic for 20 years. We warned in real-time that the opening of the checkpoint could lead to attacks, and unfortunately, as mentioned, this fear came true tonight. We demand a heavy price from the terrorists and their couriers, and we demand that the security establishment close the Ashumurat checkpoint immediately."
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