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16.9.20, 22:14
Just in time for the new year, the Hebron Fund has released its popular artists calendar for the Jewish year of 5781 and the secular year 2020-2021. This 16-month calendar features local Hebron artists Shmuel Mushnick and Baruch Nachshon.

This free download is a gift for the High Holidays from the Hebron Fund, the non-profit organization that supports Hebron families and helps beautify and maintain Hebron’s holy sites.

The calendar has both Hebrew and English dates and lists all the Jewish holidays making it convenient and practical.
Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish new year, usually attracts thousands of visitors from Israel and abroad to pray at the Tomb of the Patriarchs & Matriarchs. However this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, gatherings are limited. At this ancient location, a site of pilgrimage for generation we offer thoughts and prayers for all those suffering from COVID-19 and strength for all the medical professionals working to alleviate this danger. 
The Israeli Ministry of Health has labeled the Tomb of the Patriarchs "green" in their new traffic light labeling system and the historic complex has been reserved for Rosh Hashanah services  including the massive Isaac’s Hall  with up to 150 worshippers throughout the day, sectioned apart in capsules, and wearing masks. 
The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah was chosen as one of the ten days per year in the sharing agreement with the Islamic Waqf. 
The spiritual energies of this world connect through the Ma’arat HaMachpela. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to accommodate all residents and visitors are still advised to stay away due to the pandemic. 

Our Forefather Abraham is front and center in the Torah reading and prayers for both days of Rosh Hashanah. The Torah reading for the first day tells of the birth of  Sarah and Abraham's child Isaac. The second day’s reading is that of  Abraham and the binding of Isaac. A central theme of the prayers throughout the day is that we are the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Wishing you a Shana Tova for 5781 from the city of Abraham – good health, happiness and prosperity to all in the year to come.
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