Thousands attend Succot festival in Hebron

Famous Jewish singer Lipa Schemltzer performed at the concert.

20.10.19, 14:20
Thousands enjoyed the Succot holiday in Hebron which included the annual music concert, family-fun outdoor activities and tours of the archeological park and other historic sites. Among the guests from Israel and abroad was American talk show host Ben Shapiro who joined a Hebron Fund tour.

"I was an eye-opening experience," Shaprio said on his Oct 17th episode. "It's necessary to go there," to understand the situation, he said. "There's an incredible amount of joy from the thousands of people that come every year," Shapiro said, praising the spiritual experience as well as the free concert.

This year American singing sensation Lipa Schemltzer headlined the show which was held outside the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Aharon Razel, Haim Israel, the Kinderlach and Yonatan Shainfeld also performed.
The Hall of Isaac and Rebecca, usually reserved for Muslim prayers, was open for visitors as per Israel's rotation agreement with the Muslim Waqf.
Jewish worshipers waved their traditional lulav branches at an early morning musical prayer services led by Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu.
Shapiro was toured by Hebron's international spokesperson Yishai Fleisher who explained to him the history of the city.
The political commentary complained that anti-Israel groups " don't take you to the wealthy area of Hebron." He note Hebron's Palestinian Authority controlled side of the city is the wealthiest on the West Bank and exports millions of shekels worth in products to Israel every year.
"The Jews would like to interact with their Arab neighbors and some tribal leaders so in fact meet with them," he explained, but added the threat of terrorist attacks is very real.
Nevertheless, Hebron felt safe, secure and had an air of holiness that earned praise from eth talk-show host and the tens of thousands who came during the week-long holiday.
The Succot holiday season ends with Simchat Torah. Chabad of Hebron sponsors the annual Hakafot Shniot celebration Monday night.
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