Video debunks myth of Israeli apartheid in Hebron

An anti-Israel provocateur attempts to claim a Hebron street is segregated, while his own video clearly shows it isn't.

15.8.19, 19:57
Shuhada street in Hebron is not restricted based on race -- it is the Jewish residents who are the ones who face severe restrictions, according to a new video produced by Boomerang – Fighting for Israel.

Yishai Fleisher, international spokesperson for the Jewish Community of Hebron debunked the recent video posted by the IfNotNow group claiming Israel engaged in apartheid practices.
In the IfNotNow video, local provocateur of the Youth Against Settlements organization stood outside the Beit Hadassah building in one of Hebron’s Jewish neighborhoods and proclaimed that Hebron has “segregated streets.”
Fleisher noted the irony of the claim that the street is segregated when he, an Arab Muslim stood on the street to film the video. “He’s standing here in the Jewish section of town talking about our apartheid against him,” Fleisher said.
He went on to note Israeli residents are restricted to the Jewish neighborhoods only which comprise only 3% of the city. Fleisher then walked down the street and greted an random Arab passerby.
Fleisher called Hebron “ground zero for the anti-Israel narrative,”
“So-called ‘human rights organizations’ bring tourists to Hebron, but they show them a very thin slice of life here,” he added. “Their goal is to demonize Israel.”
He goes on to describe Hebron as the wealthiest city in the Palestinian Authority accounting for 40% of the PA’s economy. “There are 17,000 stores and factories which export 5 billion shekels worth of products a year,” Fleisher explained.
Arab Hebron has hospitals, universities a sports stadium, and a modern indoor shopping center.
He contrasted it to the Jewish community’s sole restaurant, the pizza place at the Gutnick center next to the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

Palestinian Authority Hebron downtown business district | 21 Images
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