Hebron Vineyard Replanted after Antisemitic Vandalism

Plants were cut and uprooted. But local resident Moshe Yahalom returned to re-cultivate his field.

31.1.19, 12:18
A Jewish-owned vineyard in the Tel Hevron neighborhood was vandalized by Palestinian Authority residents who had special work permits to enter into the area on January 23.
Moshe Yahalom, a resident of Hebron for the past 20 years, discovered irrigation pipes damaged, older grape vines cut and younger plants uprooted. He had been cultivating the plot for 8 years for Cabernet Sauvignon production in addition to organic flour and olive oil and produced on the land. 
The incident was caught on security camera and Yahalom reported it to police who blamed approximately ten PA residents who had been granted access to prune nearby olive trees on PA property.
Tel Hevron is the home of an archaeological park and the Tomb of Jesse and Ruth. It is located in the H2 Israeli controlled section of the city where both Jews and Arabs live. 
A week later, Yahalom, family members and other volunteers began planting again to eventually return the vineyard to its previous state.
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