WATCH: Snow in Hebron! Amazing photos!

The City of the Founding Fathers and Mothers became a winter wonderland for one brief day, wowing residents.

30.1.19, 20:20
Flight fluffy snow blanketed the city of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs on January 16 as temperatures dropped around the country. Residents of Hebron enjoyed the novelty as adults took photos while children played in the snow.
The Southern Hevron Hills region receives snow more often than the rest of the country, with the exception of Mount Hermon in Israel's north.
Elimelech Karzen, a local resident and social media coordinator from the Jewish community of Hebron braved the cold air to take a video which went viral on Facebook. "It's great fun, people are taking selfies," he stated. 
Snow in Hebron!

Hebron residents enjoy the snowfall at the Tomb of Machpela. #SnowinIsrael #Hebron #Snow #Hevron

Posted by Hebron Jewish Community and Biblical Heritage Site on Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Historian and Hebron native Menashe Mani wrote about Hebron winters, and is quoted in an article in Sefer Hebron, page 368:
"The days of Hanukkah were usually very cold winter days. Sometimes snow fell and the whole city, with its alleys and roofs, was covered with a white sheet - brilliant and dazzling and only here and there were traces of domestic animals or people passing through the snow, casting black spots and mud stains. The rise and fall of the narrow, winding, dark steps and alleyways made it harder for the sun's eye to penetrate to the street and the sky disappeared from them."
"In these days the whole universe of the neighborhood seemed to be on strike as each man lay under the cover of his wet roof from the snow. No one goes out or comes. When the cold and the siege increased, the gabbai of the community would open their doors and distribute portions of flour, sesame, and an amount of coal for heating, and the owners of the more affluent houses would take out the barrel of his wine from his cellar."
Mani was the grandson of Hebron's Sephardic chief rabbi Eliyahu Mani and survived the Hebron massacre of 1929. He published a biography about his grandfather entitled Rabbi Eliyahu Mani of Hebron in 1936. 
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