Video debunks myth of Israeli apartheid in Hebron

15.8.19, 19:57

An anti-Israel provocateur attempts to claim a Hebron street is segregated, while his own video clearly shows it isn't.

1,200 French Jews visit Hebron for annual parade

15.8.19, 18:38

Waving flags and singing songs, the participants voiced their support for the renewed Jewish community in the city of the founding fathers and mothers.

Hebron half-truths on J Street "alternative tour of Israel"

4.8.19, 15:32

Shuhada Street is tiny compared to the thriving metropolis of PA Hebron, but J-Street only showed their one biased perspective.

Frivolous Case against Hebron Jews thrown out by Supreme Court

22.7.19, 21:49

Beit Rachel and Beit Leah will not be forcibly evicted, despite a claim by Palestinian lawyers.

PA issued Ultimatum on Hebron Wheelchair Access

14.7.19, 17:13

Israel vows to create disabled access visitors of all faiths, with or without PA approval.

Former American governor praises Hebron during visit

12.6.19, 15:43

Former governor Scott Walker called for defensible borders and hailed Israel's openness to all faiths.

Women's struggle for Beit Hadassah celebrates 40 years

11.6.19, 21:52

A group of young women demanded the right to live in the historic Jewish property of Hebron. Today, they celebrate the success of their struggle.

Lag BaOmer celebrated in the City of the Patriarchs!

27.5.19, 16:52

The traditional bonfire was lit at the Tomb of Machpela in Hebron for Lag BaOmer.

Hebron facts displayed on banners for Eurovision tourists

20.5.19, 13:07

The new Zionist banners were meant to counteract an anti-settlement group's tours of the city.

Hebron Jews and Arabs unite at kosher Ramadan meal

19.5.19, 20:38

Muslims and Israelis call for economic ties that transcend a failed "two-state solution."