Hebron Archaeology Discovered While Building Wheelchair Ramp

17.8.22, 14:07

2,000-year-old unused stone for Machpela complex discovered.

Nachal Haredi Rabbi Leads Hebron Massacre Memorial

17.8.22, 09:25

Rabbi who helped combine army with yeshiva leads prayers.

Rosh Hodesh Elul “Hillulat HaAvot” Event Returns

14.8.22, 12:55

Thousands excepted to pay tribute to Biblical ancestors.

Yom Hevron parade returns

14.8.22, 11:58

Thousands of French immigrants participated in the annual Hebron day parade.

Hebron hosts Ukrainian refugees

4.8.22, 20:35

Refugee families and children were treated to tours, pizza and ice cream.

Beit HaHerut building purchased in Hebron

28.7.22, 17:29

New building purchased in Hebron near Tomb of the Patriarchs.

Hebron: An Animated History

11.7.22, 14:15

The Jewish Story - In Animation. A short history of the City of the Founding Fathers & Mothers.

Machpela Wheelchair Access Project Begins

26.5.22, 14:38

Elevator being installed outside the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

Hebron Jews Purchase New Beit Tekuma Building

15.5.22, 23:38

Saga of right to buy property in City of Abraham continues.

Hebron Celebrates Independence Day with Air Force Flyover

6.5.22, 17:13

Annual Israeli Air Force flyover passed by Hebron's ancient sites for the first time.