The 12th Hebron and Judea Studies Conference

5.6.24, 10:12

Annual conference held on Hebron Day highlights the city's rich history.

David Levy Mourned as Initiator of Hebron Rebuilding

4.6.24, 15:03

The blue-collar immigrant Housing Minister spearheaded efforts to reconstruct the Jewish community of Hebron

Avraham Fried Takes Us On a Tour of Hebron and Its Chabad History

26.5.24, 15:19

Lag BaOmer launch of new building project in Hebron.

Hebron Fund Sponsors BBQs for IDF Soldiers

26.5.24, 15:12

Yom Haatzmaut was celebrated in Hebron with volunteers who manned the grill for the IDF

Gershon Elinson Mourned as Photographer of Hebron’s Revival

21.5.24, 12:28

Memories of the early days of Hebron's renewal.

Thousands Pray in Hebron on Pesach 2024

28.4.24, 17:23

Hebron received thousands of visitors who prayed, sang, and enjoyed the Passover holiday.

A Passover of Unity in Hebron

16.4.24, 15:10

The Jewish holiday of Pesach for 2024 will feature family-friendly activities, music, prayer, history & more.

Fire at Hebron Factory Prompts PA Mayor to seek Israeli Help

3.3.24, 19:51

Hebron is the PA's most industrialized city and its many factories export to Israel.

New ambulances donated to Hebron

4.2.24, 11:40

Two new vehicles were inaugurated in a ceremony at the Tomb of the Ancestors.