Chanukah Miracle of 2015 Remembered in Staircase Court Case

3.12.18, 11:03

Unarmed civilian jumps on terrorist.

Chanukah Holiday Spreads Light in Hebron

30.11.18, 12:14

Chanukah is a special time of year where the light will dispel the darkness.

Backlash Against Knesset Meeting to Remove Jews from Hebron

21.11.18, 19:34

"Hebron First" gathering calls to remove Jews from city.

Hebron's Arab Police Chief Suspended for Helping Israelis with Flat Tire

18.11.18, 11:42

PA police colonel Ahmed Abu al-Rub seen as traitor in Hebron's Arab community

Sirens Reach Hebron During 2-Day Rocket Barrage

16.11.18, 15:26

An Arab man from the Hebron area was killed when Hamas targeted an apartment building in Israel's south.

New Record! 40,000 Visit Hebron for Shabbat Chayei Sarah!

4.11.18, 10:31

Festive atmosphere amid prayer and celebration at Tomb of the Forefathers.

Second New Building Project Announced for Hebron

1.11.18, 14:33

For the second time in a month, the government announced new building plans for Hebron.

New Historical Mysteries Uncovered in Hebron

25.10.18, 21:13

The location of the original "gates of Machpela" may have been uncovered.

Tel Hebron Archaeological Garden Wows Crowd at Grand Opening

17.10.18, 20:10

Modern Israelis met ancient Jewish history at gala event at archaeological excavation.

Government Approves Rebuilding Hebron Neighborhood

12.10.18, 15:28

Hezekiah quarter will help young families and revitalize a historic neighborhood.