IDF Medics Save Life of Arab Baby in Hebron

15.7.18, 12:45

9-month-old looses consciousness near Tomb of Machpela. Alert soldiers rush to scene.

European Observer Removed after Slapping Hebron Child

15.7.18, 10:48

10-year-old boy attacked during Breaking the Silence Tour in Hebron.

New Mezuzah Installed at Tomb of Machpela

12.7.18, 14:07

Noted artist creates beautiful and vandalism-proof mezuzah for holy site.

Rebel Media Gets the Real Hebron Story

12.7.18, 13:06

Katie Hopkins learns the truth from meeting real Hebron residents.

Hebron Arab Leader Speaks Out Against Palestinian Authority

8.7.18, 18:15

Hebron businessman Ashraf Jabari expressed strong opinion on Israeli-Arab relations.

Hebron's First Israeli Police Station Inaugurated

20.6.18, 23:36

Knesset Minister, police commissioner, dedicate first ever permanent station.

Relatively Peaceful Ramadan Despite Bomb Scare

12.6.18, 11:46

Bomb, knife and vandalism marred otherwise peaceful Tomb of Machpela.

Hebron at the Celebrate Israel Parade in New York

4.6.18, 10:00

Hebron was once again represented at the annual Israel parade in Manhattan.

Do Arabs in Hebron Prefer Israel to the Palestinian Authority?

24.5.18, 12:51

Hebron spokesmen profiled in American news magazine, sit down with Arab resident.

NBA Basketball Star Visits Hebron

15.5.18, 12:00

Former Milwaukee Bucks player and US Olympic athlete Michael Redd joined a group of tourists to Hebron.