Hebron: A Jewish Presence for 3,800 Years

4.5.17, 14:15

The proud Jewish history of Hebron defied modern propaganda.

The 1517 Hebron Massacre

26.4.17, 19:39

The Jewish community fought, but were overwhelmed during the Ottoman conquest of the Land of Israel.

The 1834 Hebron Massacre

4.4.17, 19:00

Caught between the Egyptians, the Ottomans, and the Bedouins, the Jewish community struggled, but survived.

Hebron from the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia

22.3.17, 16:19

The full text from the public domain archive.

Out of Doors in the Holy Land: An American's View of Hebron from 1908

22.3.17, 15:19

"Abraham bought here his only piece of real estate..."

Maps of Hebron

4.12.16, 19:14

A collection of maps depicting Israeli controlled H2 Hebron and PA controlled H1 Hebron.

Hebron in the Zohar

27.9.16, 13:53

The Zohar, the main work of the Kabbalah, Judaism's mystical teachings, has several references to Adam and Eve in Hebron.

The History of the Maccabees in Hebron

7.9.16, 18:23

Hebron was the site of a deceive battle in the Hanukkah story, in which the Hasmoneans liberated this key city.

Hebron in the Talmud

28.8.16, 15:47

A collection of references to Hebron in the Talmud.

In Memoriam: Hebron Terrorist Victims

28.8.16, 13:53

Brief biographies of the men, women and children taken from us by terrorism.