Is Hebron safe to visit?

3.10.21, 21:51

Frequently asked questions about the City of Abraham and Sarah.

Baedeker's Guide to Hebron 1876 - FULL TEXT

21.6.21, 12:34

A fascinating look at Hebron from the perspective of a European tourist in the 1800s.

How the Hebron issue led to the US Leaving UNESCO

19.10.20, 13:23

A biased vote regarding Hebron led to both Israel and the United States quitting a UN body.

Hebron: From Destruction to Renewal

29.7.20, 15:58

A tour of the city of the Founding Fathers and Mothers.

Hebron Quarantine in the 1840s

17.4.20, 14:18

All visitors confined to quarantine in Hebron due to plague outbreak in Egypt.

Hebron Epidemic of 1619

18.3.20, 22:56

The legend of the Avraham Avinu synagogue stems from the plague that forced Hebron's residents to flee.

Purim in the Hebron Ghetto - A history

20.3.19, 10:55

Guests from around the land would travel to Hebron to enjoy the city's famous hospitality and special Purim pastries and treats.

The History of Chabad in Hebron

1.1.19, 15:42

The Chabad-Lubavitcher hasidic movement has deep roots in the City of the Forefathers.

The History of the 4,000-Year-Old Steps in Hebron

26.10.18, 15:59

4,000-year-old steps discovered in 1999 attest to Hebron's rich past.

Abraham in Hebron - Parshat Lech Lecha

22.10.18, 11:30

Abraham's victory at the Battle of Siddim is perhaps the first instance of an "Israeli army."