Purim in the Hebron Ghetto - A history

20.3.19, 10:55

Guests from around the land would travel to Hebron to enjoy the city's famous hospitality and special Purim pastries and treats.

The History of Chabad in Hebron

1.1.19, 15:42

The Chabad-Lubavitcher hasidic movement has deep roots in the City of the Forefathers.

The History of the 4,000-Year-Old Steps in Hebron

26.10.18, 15:59

4,000-year-old steps discovered in 1999 attest to Hebron's rich past.

Abraham in Hebron - Parshat Lech Lecha

22.10.18, 11:30

Abraham's victory at the Battle of Siddim is perhaps the first instance of an "Israeli army."

Overview of Hebron - A Jewish Pilgrim's Companion

14.10.18, 12:04

Excellent overview from the 1976 World Zionist Organization guide to Israel.

Succot in Hebron in 1853

25.2.18, 16:01

A fascinating description of the Jewish quarter of Hebron, including synagogue services on Succot.

King Seal Artifacts Attest to Hebron's Jewish History

7.5.17, 16:11

Jugs embossed with "To the King, Hebron" found in Tel Hevron hilltop.

Hebron: A Jewish Presence for 3,800 Years

4.5.17, 14:15

The proud Jewish history of Hebron defied modern propaganda.

The 1517 Hebron Massacre

26.4.17, 19:39

The Jewish community fought, but were overwhelmed during the Ottoman conquest of the Land of Israel.

The 1834 Hebron Massacre

4.4.17, 19:00

Caught between the Egyptians, the Ottomans, and the Bedouins, the Jewish community struggled, but survived.