Hebron Mourns Loss of 1929 Massacre Survivor Miriam Sasson

14.4.16, 19:24

92-year-old Miriam Sasson was a supporter of repatriation to the hometown she was forced to leave as a child.

Massacre Survivor Yosef Lazarovsky Fought for Recognition, Justice

30.3.16, 17:26

A child survivor of the vicious massacre went on to fight for Holocaust survivors with the Palmach.

First-Person Account of the Hebron Massacre

29.11.15, 23:25

Dutch-born author and journalist Pierre Van Paassen gives first-hand testimony of the 1929 riot in Hebron. This excerpt comes from his book Days of Our Years.

A Rabbi Describes the 1929 Hebron Massacre in Graphic Detail

29.11.15, 23:14

Translation of a letter a couple wrote to their children describing the Hebron massacre of 1929, by Rabbi Aharon Bemzweig and his wife Breine Bemzweig.