Chaim Herzog Defends Hebron at the United Nations

14.9.18, 16:47

While the UN debated "Zionism is Racism" Herzog quoted Abraham's purchase of Machpela.

FULL TEXT - First Non-Muslims to Visit Machpela

8.7.18, 13:21

The full chapter from Dean Stanley's 1862 visit to the well-guarded Tomb of Machpela is a fascinating read.

Prince of Wales Visits Hebron in 1862

24.6.18, 13:05

The 2018 visit of Prince William recalls a past royal trip to the city of Hebron.

American Gets Warm Reception from Hebron Jews in 1868

30.5.18, 18:33

An American traveler gets warm hospitality from Jews in Hebron, a chilly reception from others.

Palmach Veteran Remembers Hebron, Temple Mount

24.5.18, 10:00

Back in the 1930s, one could visit the Temple Mount, but not the Tomb of Machpela.

Malchiel Ashkenazi and the Revival of Hebron Post-Inquisition

20.3.18, 12:54

He built the Avraham Avinu synagogue and led Sephardic refugees to their motherland.

Women's Suffrage Activist Visits Hebron in Late 1800's

1.10.17, 18:02

An article from 1895 is enlightening compared to today's Hebron.

Judah Bibas - Proto-Zionist of Hebron

20.8.17, 20:34

Rabbi Bibas was a pillar of the Hebron community and a pioneer in the repatriation of Jews in Israel.

Rabbi Franco - Founder of Beit Hadassah

20.8.17, 19:10

The clinic he founded served Hebron Jews and Arabs alike for decades.

Bloodstained Will of 1929 Massacre Victim Discovered

13.8.17, 17:22

The last will and testament of Eliezer Dan Slonim, hero and martyr of the Hebron Massacre.