Rabin in Hebron / Yom Kippur Riot in Machpela Cave

4.11.18, 14:14

Torah scrolls were destroyed during a riot at the Tomb of the Patriarchs resulting in a rare visit by Rabin and Peres.

Famous Jewish Sage Ovadiah of Bartenura Sojourns in Hebron

1.11.18, 16:15

One of the most well-known Mishna commentators, Rabbi Ovadiah eloquently describes Hebron of the late 1400's.

Naomi Frankel: Award-Winning Novelist of Hebron

18.10.18, 14:58

"The sunlight broke through the haze of the summer heat, and it was to me like a rainbow, like a token of covenant between Hebron and me."

When Shimon Peres Helped Jews Pray in Hebron

18.10.18, 10:40

Until 1975, kiddush was banned and Jews had strict regulations on when and where they could pray.

Jew Disguised as Moslem, Sneaks into Cave of Machpela in 1888

14.10.18, 14:52

Alder's fascinating description of the poor but hospitable Jewish community of Hebron who suffered discrimination.

American Writer Describes Hebron Hardships in the 1890s

14.10.18, 14:23

"Undoubtedly, the time will come when the exclusion will be overruled, and this extraordinary relic of antiquity will be thrown open and thoroughly explored."

Hillel Moshe Meshil Gelbstein's Dedication to the Kotel and Hebron

5.10.18, 10:52

A hasidic rabbi's love for Hebron and the Western Wall inspires his descendants.

Chaim Herzog Defends Hebron at the United Nations

14.9.18, 16:47

While the UN debated "Zionism is Racism" Herzog quoted Abraham's purchase of Machpela.

FULL TEXT - First Non-Muslims to Visit Machpela

8.7.18, 13:21

The full chapter from Dean Stanley's 1862 visit to the well-guarded Tomb of Machpela is a fascinating read.

Prince of Wales Visits Hebron in 1862

24.6.18, 13:05

The 2018 visit of Prince William recalls a past royal trip to the city of Hebron.