Christian Visitor Banned from Machpela in 1830s Hebron

30.3.17, 21:46

"I shall never forget the kindness with which, as a stranger and Christian, I was received by the Jews in the capital of their ancient kingdom," JL Stephens, 1837.

From Poland to Hebron - Rabbi Immigrates to Israel in the 1730s

30.3.17, 17:00

Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Shmuel of Lublin braved a storm at sea to live in the city of the founding fathers and mothers.

Rabbi Abraham ben Levi Conque, Kabbalist of Hebron

26.3.17, 17:00

Jewish life was exciting and tumultuous in 17th century Hebron.

King David in Hebron

5.1.17, 11:27

Hebron served as David's capital and was the site of dramatic events in the days of the Jewish kings.

How Shimon Peres Helped Restore Hebron

28.9.16, 09:45

Shimon Peres was instrumental in re-establishing the historic Avraham Avinu synagogue and neighborhood in Hebron.

Adam and Eve in Hebron

26.9.16, 12:49

The world's first man and woman had a connection to Hebron, and are buried in the Tomb of Machpela.

Shimon Bar Kochba and Hebron

25.9.16, 19:44

The Bar Kochba revolt took place in and around Hebron.

Nahmanides in Hebron

15.9.16, 16:52

The Ramban, one of Jewish history's most important scholars, had an important connection to Hebron.

Ariel Sharon: Every Jew Must Understand What's at Stake in Hebron

31.8.16, 16:37

"Every Jew must feel as if he himself is about to be exiled from Hebron."

This Date in History: Harry Potter Killed on Road to Hebron

24.7.16, 17:32

Real-life British soldier Harry Potter is buried in Israel.