VIDEO: Hebron in 1934

24.12.15, 13:58

The Tomb of Machpela, the Pool of Solomon and yeshiva students putting stones of the grave of the 1929 massacre victims are featured.

Tomb of Abner Ben Ner

23.12.15, 15:18

King Saul's top fighter Abner Ben Ner was part of the tumultuous history of the Jewish kingdom. His final resting place is in Hebron, the capital city under King David.

The Story of the Slabodka Yeshiva in Hebron

22.12.15, 14:15

When a Lithuanian yeshiva moved to Hebron, it sparked new life for the city's residents.

Avraham Avinu Synagogue

7.12.15, 19:08

Built by Rabbi Malkiel Ashkenazi in 1540, the domed structure was a center of the local community and a major center for the study of Kabalah.

Beit Hadassah - From Historic Hospital to Symbol of Rebirth

7.12.15, 18:02

The residents of Beit Hadassah know their building and neighborhood have a rich past.

The Tomb of Machpela

1.12.15, 20:11

An overview of the cave from Biblical times through the present including an explanation of the name "Machpela" and historical travelogues from centuries past.