Gutnick Center Caters to Proud Hebron History

11.7.16, 12:09

More than a restaurant, the Gutnick Center Events Hall is part of Hebron's history.

VIDEO: Caleb Visits Hebron

24.6.16, 09:48

Joshua and Caleb were in the minority of the twelve scouts in encouraging the Jewish nation to return to the Land of Israel.

Ancient Jewish Cemetery Attracts Modern Spiritual Seekers to Hebron

29.5.16, 15:02

It was abandoned and bulldozed, but today the ancient Jewish cemetery receives regular visitors paying their respects to the sages.

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Hebron - The Region's Most Economically

6.4.16, 18:01

H1 Hebron is a thriving economic base for the Palestinian Authority, in stark contrast to what is portrayed by many media outlets.

Tel Hebron Archaeological Park and Admot Ishay Neighborhood

9.2.16, 17:26

Tel Hebron is an ancient archaeological site and a residential neighborhood in city of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

Tomb of Ruth and Jesse - Great-Grandmother and Father of King David

27.1.16, 17:45

For generations Jewish people have visited the Tomb of Ruth and Jesse. Today, the refurbished site attracts thousands, especially on Shavuot.

The Cave of Othniel Ben Knaz - First Judge of Israel

10.1.16, 20:45

This ancient burial cave has been the site of prayers for generations.

VIDEO: The Story of the Avraham Avinu Synagogue

24.12.15, 14:26

Built by Rabbi Malkiel Ashkenazi in 1540, the domed structure was a center of the local community and a major center for the study of Kabalah.

VIDEO: Hebron in 1934

24.12.15, 13:58

The Tomb of Machpela, the Pool of Solomon and yeshiva students putting stones of the grave of the 1929 massacre victims are featured.

Tomb of Abner Ben Ner

23.12.15, 15:18

King Saul's top fighter Abner Ben Ner was part of the tumultuous history of the Jewish kingdom. His final resting place is in Hebron, the capital city under King David.