Tombs of Nathan and Gad - Jewish History in Halhul

29.4.18, 13:43

Many Arab cities in the Judea and Samaria have a wealth of Jewish archaeology and history.

Malchiel Ashkenazi and the Revival of Hebron Post-Inquisition

20.3.18, 12:54

He built the Avraham Avinu synagogue and led Sephardic refugees to their motherland.

Hebron Casbah - Historical Home to Jewish Neighborhood

19.3.18, 14:58

Kabbalists Corner and Menorah Lintel are some of the remnant of what once was the "Jewish ghetto."

Ein Sarah - An Ancient Mikvah from the Second Temple Era

22.2.18, 12:32

Sarah's spring is an impressive historical site dating back to the Roman era.

History of the Slobodka Yeshiva

2.4.17, 16:33

World Famous Talmudic Academy, the Knesset Israel – Slobodka Yeshiva - Between the Pogroms and the Holocaust

The Truth About Shuhada Street

9.2.17, 21:59

Read the real history of Shuhada Street / King David Street, the Jewish community's main thoroughfare.

Kiryat Arba and the Hebron Hills Region

23.1.17, 13:28

Hebron and its neighbors enjoy close relationships in the rolling southern hills.

Abraham's Spring - Healing Waters of Hebron

7.8.16, 23:42

These waters, which purified Adam & Eve, Abraham & Sarah, and most likely King David also, are a direct link from the beginning of time, through this very day.

Elonei Mamre Archaeological Site and Herod's Walls

1.8.16, 12:05

Ancient walls hearken back to a time when Hebron and its outskirts were a major commercial center.

Oak of Mamre: Abraham's Oak Once Attracted Masses to Hebron

15.7.16, 14:44

An ancient tree once attracted visitors from all over. Now it is one of four holy sites inaccessible to Israelis.