Rabbi Havlin and the Founding of the Chabad Yeshiva in Hebron

8.5.23, 14:13

Rabbi Havlin's passion for turning Hebron into a thriving Jewish center came to fruition.

First Hotel in Hebron

3.5.23, 20:08

Menachem Mendel of Kamimitz revolutionized tourism when he opened hotels in Jerusalem, Hebron and other cities.

From Ethiopia to Hebron: The Eternal City of Our Fathers

23.11.22, 17:01

Jewish immigrant to Israel from Ethiopia talks about his inspiration to move to Hebron.

Biography of Rabbi Moshe Levinger

18.10.21, 16:39

Bio of Moshe Levinger, founding father of the modern Jewish community of Hebron.

Dr. Zvi Kitain Saved Lives in 1929 Hebron Massacre

16.8.21, 22:09

The doctor stayed in Hebron during the riots to treat survivors. Just one part of his fascinating life.

The Arab Mayor who Helped Jews Celebrate Passover in Hebron

12.8.21, 21:52

Fahd Kawasme rented the Park Hotel to Jewish settlers, became mayor, and was later assassinated by Jihadists.

Rambam visits Hebron

28.10.20, 12:13

The prolific and influential Jewish scholar considered his visit to the Cave of Machpela a personal holiday.

Miriam Levinger and the return to Beit Hadassah

12.7.20, 12:35

Memories of the women who initiated the return to the historic Jewish neighborhoods of Hebron in 1979.

A "gloomy" Hebron awaits British painter Lady Butler in 1903

6.2.19, 22:04

"Here in the gloom we met spectral Jews, their strongly-contrasted figures and faces appearing for a moment in the twilight as they passed us," wrote the painter in 1903.

Pioneer of Hasidic Judaism Moves to Hebron

14.11.18, 22:46

The brother-in-law of the Baal Shem Tov made Hebron his new home in the homeland.