Rambam visits Hebron

28.10.20, 12:13

The celebrated Jewish writer considered his visit to the Cave of Machpela a personal holiday.

Miriam Levinger and the return to Beit Hadassah

12.7.20, 12:35

Memories of the women who initiated the return to the historic Jewish neighborhoods of Hebron in 1979.

A "gloomy" Hebron awaits British painter Lady Butler in 1903

6.2.19, 22:04

"Here in the gloom we met spectral Jews, their strongly-contrasted figures and faces appearing for a moment in the twilight as they passed us," wrote the painter in 1903.

Pioneer of Hasidic Judaism Moves to Hebron

14.11.18, 22:46

The brother-in-law of the Baal Shem Tov made Hebron his new home in the homeland.

Rabin in Hebron / Yom Kippur Riot in Machpela Cave

4.11.18, 14:14

Torah scrolls were destroyed during a riot at the Tomb of the Patriarchs resulting in a rare visit by Rabin and Peres.

Famous Jewish Sage Ovadiah of Bartenura Sojourns in Hebron

1.11.18, 16:15

One of the most well-known Mishna commentators, Rabbi Ovadiah eloquently describes Hebron of the late 1400's.

Naomi Frankel: Award-Winning Novelist of Hebron

18.10.18, 14:58

"The sunlight broke through the haze of the summer heat, and it was to me like a rainbow, like a token of covenant between Hebron and me."

When Shimon Peres Helped Jews Pray in Hebron

18.10.18, 10:40

Until 1975, kiddush was banned and Jews had strict regulations on when and where they could pray.

Jew Disguised as Moslem, Sneaks into Cave of Machpela in 1888

14.10.18, 14:52

Alder's fascinating description of the poor but hospitable Jewish community of Hebron who suffered discrimination.

American Writer Describes Hebron Hardships in the 1890s

14.10.18, 14:23

"Undoubtedly, the time will come when the exclusion will be overruled, and this extraordinary relic of antiquity will be thrown open and thoroughly explored."