Old Newspaper Article Describes Hebron in 1895

24.8.17, 11:40

An article from a Reading, Pennsylvania newspaper sheds some light on Hebron of yore.

Rabbi Franco - Founder of Beit Hadassah

20.8.17, 19:10

The clinic he founded served Hebron Jews and Arabs alike for decades.

Newly Discovered Will Brings to Light Hebron Massacre

13.8.17, 17:22

The last will and testament of Eliezer Dan Slonim, hero and martyr of the Hebron Massacre.

The Reisheet Hochma and the Kabbalah Movement of Hebron

9.5.17, 14:35

One of Kabbalah's most well-known works was written in Hebron.

Rabbi Shlomo Adani - 17th Century Scholar of Hebron

7.5.17, 19:06

Melechet Shlomo, written in Hebron, is considered one the greatest commentators on the Mishnah.

Rabbi Goren in His Own Words: How I Liberated Hebron

27.4.17, 15:14

Newly translated autobiography details the dramatic day during the Six Day War.

Great-Grandson of Lubavitcher Rebbe on Life in Ottoman Hebron

4.4.17, 20:21

"Why do the Jews continue to live in such a place? Because they love it and can not depart from the spot where their forefathers rest."

"Palestinian Geographer" Describes Jewish Life in Ottoman Hebron

4.4.17, 17:27

Rabbi Joseph Schwarz, the foremost authority on the Land of Israel, described the 1834 Hebron massacre.

Rabbi Shimon Abayov and the Kabbalah Movement of Hebron

31.3.17, 00:13

The 1730s marked a surge of interest in Jewish mysticism with Hebron being a destination.