VIDEO: Rare Footage of Hebron and the Tomb of Machpela from 1913

Lost film of the Land of Israel has been rediscovered showing life for Jewish residents in 1913.

24.12.15, 11:28
The following is an excerpt from The Life of the Jews in Palestine, which was shown at the 11th Zionist Congress in Vienna in August 1913. It was thought to be lost during World War I, but was rediscovered in the collections of the Cinematheque Francaise. In 1997 the Israel Film Archive - Jerusalem Cinematheque helped restore it with reconstructed narration from the original by the well-known Israeli singer Yehoram Gaon.
Translation of the narration: 
"The city of Hebron lies in the valley, surrounded by hills. Fine vineyards crown her sides. The grapes of Hebron are outstanding in their beauty and their taste.
There are 1,200 Jews in Hebron that engage in commerce and in preparation of wine. In the center of town, a large mosque stands on top of the Tomb of the Patriarchs -- Maarat Machpela.
The place is sacred for Muslims and they will not let any stranger to pass the 7th step. Here the Jews pray by the graves of the Forefathers."
The film was produced by Noah Sokolovsky - Mizra'h Co., Odessa.
Cameraman: Meiron Ossip Grossman
Russia, 1913