Avi Sabag


Mar 24, 2002 - Avi Sabag, 24, of Otniel was killed in a terrorist shooting south of Hebron.
Avi Sabag was driving towards Beit Haggai in the southern Har Hebron area returning home from shopping for Passover in Jerusalem. At least one Palestinian terrorist opened fire on his vehicle from an ambush near the village of Fawar south of Hebron. Sabag was shot in the neck and died soon afterwards.
Sabag grew up in Kiryat Ata. He attended high school at Kfar Haroeh and later studied at the Otniel hesder yeshiva. He served as a combat medic in the army.
Avi had married his wife Dafna just six months ago, and they decided to make their home in Otniel. He taught Gemara at Meitar while continuing his yeshiva studies in Otniel, and also coordinated the "big brother" Perach project in the area.
Avi Sabag was buried in Jerusalem.