Aviad Yehuda Mansour


Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Aviad Mansour
26 Jun 2005
June 26, 2005 - Aviad Mansour, 16, of Otniel died of wounds suffered in a drive-by terrorist shooting on June 24 at a hitchhiking stop about 200 meters from the entrance to Beit Hagai, south of Hebron.
Aviad Mansour, along with several other teenagers, was waiting for a lift at about 4:45pm Friday afternoon at the hitchhiking stop near Beit Hagai. Aviad was on his way home to Otniel. Three or four terrorists riding in a car saw them standing at the hitchhiking station, and initially drove by before making a U-turn and heading back in their direction. As Amir Azulai and his wife from Beit Hagai stopped to offer the boys a lift, the terrorists opened fire. Avihai Levy was pronounced dead at the scene. Aviad Mansour, fatally wounded, died on June 26. Another teenager along with the Azulais was wounded. The Islamic Jihad and Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack.
Judea Brigade Commander Colonel Moti Baruch said that the terrorists who carried the latest shooting attack took advantage of the recent easing of restrictions on Palestinian movement in the southern Mount Hebron area.
Aviad managed to call his parents after the attack and tell them what had happened, but took many shots to his lower body. Rushed to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital where he underwent surgery, he succumbed to his wounds almost two days later.
The oldest of five children, Aviad was the son of Neria Mansour, a rabbi at the hesder yeshiva in Otniel. The Mansour home has in recent years served as a open house for bereaved families of terror victims.
Aviad had just completed tenth grade at the Susiya yeshiva high school. He was a counselor of the Bnei Akiva youth movement in Otniel. A local resident, Yehudah Glick, described him as warm and loving. On Wednesday Aviad went to Beersheba to buy a huge an anniversary cake for his parents, decorated with a picture of the family, and saying: "A remembrance from the children. Congratulations to Mom and Dad." The cake, which was to be eaten on Shabbat, remained untouched. Aviad had worked actively in recent weeks against the removal of settlements in Gush Katif and northern Samaria.
Aviad Mansour was buried in the Mount of Olives Cemetery in Jerusalem. He is survived by his parents, Neria and Eva, and four younger siblings - Yishai, Merom, Tal and Noam.