Oded Wolk


Oct 9, 2002 - Oded Wolk, 51, of Modi'in, who was critically wounded in an ambush shooting south of Hebron on October 8, died of his wounds the following day. Hamas claimed resopnsibility for the attack.
Oded Wolk, a tour guide with the Jewish National Fund for 20 years, had lived in Modi'in for several years after separating from his wife. He was on his way home from Arad and decided to go via Hebron. Friends said Wolk "had an encyclopedic knowledge of the land" and had never had any qualms about traveling in the territories. Oded hitched a ride together with two women with Eliezer Halfon, a local contractor. Gunmen opened fire on their car near the Zif junction, south of Hebron. The driver, who was seriously wounded, lost control of the car, which continued for 250 meters until it veered off the road into an olive grove. Oded, who was shot in the head, died of his injuries the following day. The two women were also injured.
According to his girlfriend, Tiki Naveh, Wolk always said he felt safe in the territories, "because people are good." He dreamed of the day when Jews and Arabs would live together in peace. Four years ago he was interviewed by CNN for a report on Israel's 50th anniversary. He said, "I hope Jerusalem will become the peace capital of the world. Jerusalem is a city to which people come from all over the world: Muslims, Jews and Christians. They will all live together and the city will become a symbol of world peace." His family donated his organs for transplant.
Oded Wolk was buried in the Hod Hasharon cemetery. He is survived by two sons - Dvir (27) and Omri (17) - and a daughter, Moran (23).