Yaakov Yosef Dickstein


July 26, 2002 - Rabbi Yosef Ya'akov Dickstein (also spelled Dikstein or Dickstein), 45, of Psagot, his wife Hannah and their 9-year-old son Shuv'el Zion were killed in a shooting attack south of Hebron. Two other children were injured.
At least two Palestinian terrorists waited by the side of the road near Yatta, south of Hebron, to ambush an Israeli car. Elazar Leibowitz was driving newlyweds Neria and Sara Ben-Yitzhak to Tel Rumeida in Hebron. When they reached the Zeif intersection terrorists opened fire on them, fatally wounding Elazar. The Dikstein family, on their way to Maon in the southern Hebron area to spend Shabbat with friends, approached from the opposite direction. Rabbi Yosef Dikstein was killed along with his wife Hannah and their 9-year-old son Shuv'el Zion. Their 12-year-old son, Shlomo, was moderately wounded by a bullet in the shoulder, 2-year-old Adiel was lightly injured.
Ayelet Hashahar, who was in the car, related how the terrorists opened fire, killing her mother and brother Shuv'el. When the firing stopped, her father got out of the car crying. On the other side of the road was an armed man. Yosef thought it was a soldier who had come to help. He tried to talk to him, but the man loaded his rifle and fired, killing him.
Rabbi Yosef Dikstein and his wife Hannah moved to their new home in the community of Psagot in Samaria about eight months ago. They previously lived in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem, where Rabbi Dikstein taught in the Netiv Meir Yeshiva. They were longtime affiliates of the Mercaz HaRav Kook Yeshiva community in Jerusalem.
Yosef and Hannah were devoted to their ten children, aged 2 to 20, and particularly to their education, devoting special attention to each one of them. A family friend, Hannah Diamant, described them as an optimistic and happy couple.
Zvi Yehuda, their eldest son, named after Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Hacohen Kook, told of growing up as children in a home steeped in ideology, a home where his parents gave up their own personal dreams for those of their children, and vowed to follow in their footsteps.
Rabbi Yosef Dikstein was buried in Psagot along with his wife Hannah and son Shuv'el. He leaves behind nine children: Zvi Yehuda (20), Zofia (19), Ayelet Hashahar (17), Moshe Yedidya (16), Renana (14), Shlomo (12), Benaya (7), Shir-el (4), and Adiel (2).