Salem Zaid al-Kimlat


Dec 21, 2004 - Salem (Sami) al-Kimlat, 28, an Israeli of Bedouin ethnicity from the town of Rahat who worked as security guard was shot and killed by terrorists. 
Close to 2 p.m., Sami al-Kamlat was guarding near a parking lot for the heavy mechanical vehicles used in the construction work when a terrorist approached him. The terrorist attempted to snatch Kamlat's weapon. Kamlat resisted and a second terrorist from a nearby field joined the attack. Kamlat was shot and killed. While the Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack, two Islamic Jihad members were subsequently arrested and confessed to the murder.
Investigators believe one of the terrorists purposely engaged him in a verbal argument to distract him, creating an opportunity to grab his weapon, fire the fatal shots and flee.
Kamlat served in the IDF as an officer for over six years. After completing his service three years ago, he found work as a security guard. He was married, with no children.