Danny Cohen


Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nov 15, 2002 - Lt. Dan Cohen, 22, of Jerusalem, was one of 12 people killed -- nine soldiers and three civilians from the Kiryat Arba emergency response team -- and 15 wounded in Hebron when Palestinian terrorists opened fire and threw grenades at a group of Jewish worshipers and their guards as they were walking home from Sabbath Eve prayers at the Cave of the Patriarchs.
The security personnel returned fire and pursued the attackers in a battle lasting some 90 minutes. Three terrorists were killed in the attack, which was claimed by the Islamic Jihad.
Cohen and his troops, who were stationed outside Hebron, arrived in the city after the battle began to help evacuate the wounded. He was shot and killed while directing his armored personnel carrier to assist a group of soldiers pinned down by sniper fire.
Dan, who was named for an uncle killed in the Yom Kippur War, graduated from yeshiva high school in Efrat and the religious kibbutz yeshiva at Ein Zurim. He joined the Nahal, where was a platoon commander, and was due to be discharged in August.
"Dani was an officer who truly and simply just loved his soldiers," recalled his commander, Lt.-Col. Eran Niv. "He told me, 'I don't want to be a company commander; I want to stay close to my troops.' "
His father, Yehuda, said: "Dani was a wonderful boy, very sensitive, a boy who always loved to help. Such a serious and high quality boy has come to his end and we return him to his Creator."
Lt. Dan Cohen is survived by his parents, Yehuda and Nava, and older sisters, Meirav and Ronit. He was buried at Mount Herzl Military Cemetery.