Gad Rachamim


Nov 15, 2002 - Border Police Sgt. Gad Rahamim, 19, of Kiryat Malachi, was one of 12 people killed -- nine soldiers and three civilians from the Kiryat Arba emergency response team -- and 15 wounded in Hebron when Palestinian terrorists opened fire and threw grenades at a group of Jewish worshipers and their guards as they were walking home from Sabbath Eve prayers at the Cave of the Patriarchs.
The security personnel returned fire and pursued the attackers in a battle lasting some 90 minutes. Three terrorists were killed in the attack, which was claimed by the Islamic Jihad.
Rahamim was killed while trying to extract a wounded comrade from the line of fire. "He had rescued one soldier when he was hit," said an uncle, Eli Garby. "Despite his wound, he volunteered to rescue his operations officer, who was wounded in the second volley. His comrades tried to keep him from going there, but he insisted and was killed in a burst of fire."
Rahamim had received a certificate of recognition just four months before for helping to capture the second most wanted terrorist in Hebron. He had served in the Border Police for 15 months. "He was a faithful ambassador for the Border Police in Kiryat Malachi and recruited a lot of youths," said Garby.
"He was not afraid of anything," said best friend Effi Elian. Rahamim had joined the Border Police 14 months before after graduating from Kiryat Malachi's comprehensive religious high school. Elian saw him for the last time a week ago. "He was a quiet guy, a serious, intelligent, giving man," he said. "He persuaded me to join the army even though I didn't want to."
Sgt. Gad Rahamim is survived by his parents, Tzila and Rahamim, a sister Liat, 17, and two brothers, Nir, 12, and Avi, five. He was buried at the Kiryat Malachi Military Cemetery.