Dror Weinberg


Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nov 15, 2002 - Col. Dror Weinberg, 38, of Jerusalem's Kiryat Moshe neighborhood, was one of 12 people killed -- nine soldiers and three civilians from the Kiryat Arba emergency response team -- and 15 wounded in Hebron when Palestinian terrorists opened fire and threw grenades at a group of Jewish worshipers and their guards as they were walking home from Sabbath Eve prayers at the Cave of the Patriarchs.
The security personnel returned fire and pursued the attackers in a battle lasting some 90 minutes. Three terrorists were killed in the attack, which was claimed by the Islamic Jihad.
Weinberg, who commanded the Hebron Brigade, was an outstanding field officer and was slated to become commander of the Paratroop Brigade. He is the most senior IDF officer killed in the intifada to date.
Weinberg was mortally wounded while leading his troops, who arrived at the scene of the attack a short time after the first shots were fired. He died in the field despite efforts to resuscitate him.
Most of Weinberg's military service was in the Paratroop Brigade and the elite General Staff Reconnaisance Unit, where he was a team commander. He also commanded a paratroop battalion, an elite Maglan unit, and a reserve brigade. He was appointed commander of the Hebron Brigade last year.
OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky said that Weinberg had served in a number of senior field positions "and all of them with excellence and in a way that so characterized him: determination, absolute faith in the justice of his cause, leadership ability, and remarkable self-control especially in difficult and developing situations -- and with all this, with a wonderful sensitivity for human life and feelings. In a symbolic way, he was killed directly defending what he so much believed in: providing security for the Jewish residents of this region, just as in any other place where he was responsible."
Col. Dror Weinberg was buried in the Kfar Sava Military Cemetery. He is survived by his pregnant wife, Hadassah, and five children: a son Yoav, 14, daughter Yael, 11, and sons Eitan, eight, Yishai, five, and Uri, three. Hadassh gave birth to a baby boy in April: "This is the special gift Dror has left me," she said.