Yigal German


IDF Corporal Yigal German born in Ukraine. In 1998 he immigrated to Israel and studied in Yeshivat Kiryat Arba. He fell on 08/13/2001 at the age of 21.
Yigal (Igor) German born on June 11, 1980 into a family of educators. His father Eugene graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education university as a coach. His mother worked as a lecturer in mathematics.
He was educated in classical music, opera and ballet.
In the early '90s, when Ukraine became an independent state, people started exploring thier roots. This was also the awakening of Jewish identity in the community. Children became interested in Jewish heritage and the Jewish Agency arranged classes and field trips.  Yigal asked to move to a Jewish school after tenth grade where he began to study Hebrew and Jewish tradition.

He was accepted to university, but knew sought to immigrate to Israel, applying to a Jewish Agency program. He excelled at studies at Yeshivat Kiryat Arba. He fell while serving his country. 
(Translated from Russian from a special memorial booklet)