Eliyahu Ben Ami


Dec 8, 2000 - Eliyahu Ben-Ami, 41, was mortally wounded when a car full of terrorists sprayed the van which he was driving near Kiryat Arba.
Ben-Ami, father of two, was mortally wounded while driving a group of teachers to work in Kiryat Arba. Palestinian gunmen attacked them in a drive-by shooting. One of the passengers, Rina Didovsky, died instantly of head wounds. Another was injured in the shooting. Ben-Ami was seriously injured in the stomach and lost control of the van, which rolled off the road. He later died of his wounds in hospital.
Eliyahu Ben-Ami leaves behind a wife, Mazal, and two daughters, Mor, 13 and Rachel, 11 years old. Ben-Ami was buried in Rehovot.